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Wondrous Item, artifact (Not Required, Can only be used be a member of the ancient elven Guild)

An elaborate Green and Gold Tome of ancient elven make, one of the main reasons the guild was so powerful, as it allowed its members to all be as an equal tide on the battlefield, no weaker members means no weak spots on the the battlefield for the enemy to exploit.

Ancient Tome Acting much like a normal tome (eg. manual of dexterity or tome of wisdom), when read the gives the attribute bonus to 1 of the characters main 2 stats. Its recharge however is different whilst it can recharge by it self every 100 years, killing enemies will also reduce the time according to the type killed, the stronger the enemy the more years removed (at the DM's discretion).

Part of the Vanguard's set. The set counts as 1 artifact no matter how many pieces the character obtains. When in possession of any part of this set the character is compelled to be the first into the fray and the last out, unless it is much more beneficial to the party for him to be elsewhere. When the bearer of this tome bears at least 3 of the other pieces of this set it gains the benefit of applying the bonus to both of the character's main stats.

Interested Party's Unfortunately with every artifact comes the interested parties, people who just want it for the sake of it or people who understand what it is or what it can do (How often, who they are and what they do is up to the DM).

"We are the only line of attack and defense, for no other is needed." - Vow of the Vanguard's Guild as quoted by Immeral, Heir to the Guildmaster.

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