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Weapon (Spear), artifact

The Wretched Impaler is a large spear with engravings all the way up the elegant and light jade colored metal shaft depicting great plagues of history and the suffering of people under the plagues. The head of the spear is a large point dripping with an unknown dark orchid ooze atop the razor sharp point on the end of the spear. The pommel on the bottom is a smaller point almost a mirror image of the first without the ooze. The weapon gives off a faint sickly scent.

Plague Bringer Once per long rest you may cast the Cantrip 5e SRD:Poison Spray. When you hit an enemy with this weapon they take 3d6 poison damage in addition to the 1d6 piercing damage of a normal spear. When you score a critical strike they are considered poisoned for 2 rounds.

Merciless Impaler When you make a melee attack against an enemy you have the option to do the following "Impale" move instead. The enemy cannot move or attack until they pass a dc18 strength saving throw or until the impaler chooses to stop, they take 4d8 piercing damage due to blood loss each turn they remain impaled and are considered poisoned. The Impale ability works like a normal attack in determining whether or not it hits. you are considered restrained while this is happening, and you may not make any attacks while the impale is in effect

Toxicity You are considered to have disadvantage when fighting disease.
Random Properties. The Wretched Impaler has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Wretched Impaler. If this weapon is taken to a powerful healer it could be dispelled of its disease, or it could be destroyed by a skilled poisoner, such as a drow assassin or a lizard folk alchemist. Of course they would likely have to be coerced into doing so though whether or not it would be difficult to do this would vary, for instance a drow may see such coercing as an insult and begin in combat, though a lizard folk may be more willing to do it in exchange for a favor. That is assuming you wanted it to be destroyed, as due to the nature of the weapon and it's spreading of disease, that a group of holy warriors, say an order of paladins, or a coven of clerics would be interested in the destruction of the weapon, assuming the wielder did not put forth effort to make sure it was not insanely easy to see it, or made it well known that they had it.

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