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Wondrous item (helmet), artifact

Though thought to have been destroyed at the end of the Era of Twilight, the Fused Shadow is an artifact of near godlike power. Though not as powerful as Majora, this dark helm still holds an incredible amount of dark magic, to the point where the light spirits seal the pieces away.

Shattered Shadows Depending on how may pieces of the helmet the wearer has, they gain multiple benefits. These effects stack.

One Piece

Dark Threads Provided the wearer's hair is still exposed, the wearer animate, control and attack with their hair. When animated, their hair glows bright, pale orange. If their hair is not exposed, they can choose to loose large clusters or hair from their hands. If they choose to attack, They use their action to make a ranged melee attack (+Int/Wis/Cha (Whatever's highest) to hit, 30 ft.). On a hit, the target takes 1d10 piercing damage and 1d10 necrotic damage. If the target is a creature that dies from this attack, they burst into pieces. This hair does not benifit from multi-attack, and can only attack once per round.

Twilight Zone The user creates a 30 ft. by 30 ft. circle of dark energy, cloaking all targets other than the wearer in dark, electrical magic. Any target within this zone, other than the wearer, has disadvantage on all saving throws to avoid attacks, and all attacks made against them have advantage.

Two Pieces

Dusken Wormhole Using the power of the Fused Shadows, you may choose to create (2x Number of pieces - 2) Portals in the same plane of existence. These portals can be closed at any time. The portals resemble a wormhole surrounded by an amorphous block of shadows. You and up to 6 tiny creatures, 4 small creatures, 3 medium creatures, 2 large creatures or one gargantuan creature can pass through the portal, turning into black squares of twilight that are sucked into the portal. Objects of the same sizes can also be transported through the portal.

Twilight Focus The dark magic of the fused shadows enhance the wearer's mind. As long as they wear it, the wearer cannot be charmed, frightened or knocked prone and your jump range increases by 30 ft. In addition, you have advantage on Dexterity, Wisdom and Intelligence saving throws.

Three Pieces

Menacing Shadows The dark power residing in the fused shadows has made you more menacing. You gain proficiency in Intimidation, and you have advantage on rolls to intimidate a creature.

Acursed Magic You gain access to a number of spells (As allowed by your level), as well as access to a number of effects. These spells can be cast at higher levels, and their damage scales as specified in their original descriptions.


death bolt - You may instead choose up to 4 weaker death bolts in 1 attack action targeting different creatures, decreasing the damage die for every bolt (2 bolts is 1d8, 3 bolts is 1d6, etc.).

mage hand - You summon a physical twilight hand (Or "Zant Hand") in place of the spectral hand. This hand can attack (+Int/Cha/Wis (Whichever's Highest) to hit. Hit. 1d8 +Int/Wis/Cha bludgeoning damage) and carry up to 10 x (Int/Cha/Wis modifier) pounds.

blade ward - You create a shield of twilight magic. In addition to the original resistances granted by this spell, you gain resistance to fire, cold and lightning damage, and immunity to necrotic damage.

1st Level

chromatic orb - You create a massive orb of twilight energy over your head. When deciding the damage type of the orb, roll a d6. If you roll an odd number, it deals 3d8 necrotic. If you roll an even number, it deals 3d8 radiant damage. If you roll a 1, the orb peters out and the spell ends. If you roll a 6, it does 2d8 necrotic and 2d8 radiant and summons a group of friendly Shadow keese up to your spellcasting modifier. These Keese have the same stats as a normal Keese, but they lack the elemental affinity of their light-world counterparts.

shadow spray - When you cast this spell, the radius increases to 10 ft, and all targets who fail to resist take 1d8 necrotic damage at the start of each of their turns.

spin attack - When you cast this spell, you may move up to your movement speed as you spin rapidly. If you take 2 actions to cast it, you may move up to double your movement speed. Regardless of how long it takes to charge, any target who you hit must succeed a DC 16 Dex saving throw or be knocked prone.

2nd Level

shadow blade - You summon a Twilight Longsword as opposed to the normal sword. It has the versatile, dire and thrown properties (30/60 ft.). The sword does 2d8 necrotic damage.

pulling shade - Instead of a whirlpool, you create a 40 ft. field of cloud-like shadows. While travelling through this darkness, a target must succeed on a constitution saving throw (DC 18) or take 3d6 necrotic damage. If the creature fails by 5 or more, they are dragged down into the darkness and are trapped inside. They will take this 3d6 necrotic damage at the start of their turn until they succeed the saving throw.

alter size - Instead of shrinking, you may triple your size and multiply your weight by 12. While giant, your AC is increased by your Con mod, and you may use your attack action to stomp an enemy (+Str +proficiency to hit. Hit. deals 8d8 bludgeoning damage). If you are hit while in this form, you must make a Int/Wis/Cha saving throw (DC 18) to maintain concentration or you shrink back down to your original size.

3rd Level

dark transport - While transporting, you appear as blobs of colour that leave a pitch-black, shadowy mist behind you. You may move up to 60 + (Movement speed / 2) ft. in any direction, including up, down or on an angle.

floormaster's grasp - You may grab any large or smaller creature with a floating, twilight hand that can float up to 30 ft. away from you. If you do not wish to grapple a target, you may use the hand to punch a target up to the spell's range. Make a ranged spell attack. On a hit, the target takes 3d6 bludgeoning damage, is pushed back 10 ft. and must make a Dex saving throw equal to your spell save DC or is knocked prone.

slashing darkness - Instead of 1 single slash, you make 3 slashing darkness attacks of reduced damage. Make 3 ranged spell attacks. On a hit, the target takes 2d6 necrotic damage. If three attacks hit the same target, the target is overwhelmed by dark magic and takes an additional 1d6 necrotic damage.

4th Level

hallucinatory terrain - You may create a more in-depth illusion that not only is viewable, but interactable. You may choose to change the terrain using a bonus action up to 5 times. This illusion cannot kill a target, but may cause it up to 1d10 psychic damage of harm, and any harmful aspect of the illusion is also capable of harming you (Toxic gas, lava, etc.). If the target takes half of its total health in damage, concentration is broken, the illusion ends.

faithful hound - As an action, you may choose to make the hound (Which resembles a Twili Wolfos shadow beast (transformation)) attack a creature using the Lupine Dash ability. You may also make the hound reveal or cloak itself as a free action.

wall of tentacles - Instead of tentacles, you cause a wall of twilight spikes to rain down from the sky and slam into the ground. These spikes can be in any orientation, so long as the length of the wall does not exceed 60 ft. in length. A wall of twilight energy then forms between the spikes. Any creature who touches this wall takes 3d8 Force damage and is knocked prone. If the target is hit by the initial impact of the spikes, they take 8d8 piercing damage.

5th Level

chromatic explosion - The explosion's radius is increased to 30 ft, as a red orb of twilight energy explodes onto the ground. All targets who fail the Dex saving throw are pushed back 10 ft. and knocked prone.

arcane hand - As an action, you may choose to create two Zant Hands. Doing this causes both hands to drop to half of your maximum hit points, and have a Str of 22 (+6) and a Dex of 15 (+2). They can perform the same actions, and can even attack the same target.

far step - Teleporting becomes a free action, though you are able to do it a maximum of 3 times. If you have the multi-attack feature, you may attack once, teleport, then use multi-attack.

All Pieces

Fused Ferocity You are overwhelmed by dark power. Every turn, make a DC 20 Wisdom check. On a success, you have a bonus to all rolls equal to your level. On a fail, you are unable to act for that turn as you try to retain your composure and composition.

Beast from the Black The pure power of the Fused Shadow changes your physical form. You are transformed into a 10-armed, gargantuan shadow beast, with the only distinguishable feature being the fused shadow atop your body as a helmet. Your AC is increased by your highest stat, and you become immune to all forms of damage other than radiant, which you are weak to. Unarmed strikes are counted as light weapons, and they deal 3d8 bludgeoning damage, which are counted as magical for the purpose of overcoming damage resistance.

Peircing Power As an action, you may form a Twilight spear in one of your arms. When you take the attack action, you may either make a melee attack (+Int/Wis/Cha (whichever's highest) to hit, deals 1d8 x Int/Wis/Cha mod), or a ranged attack (150 ft. range, +Int/Wis/Cha (whichever's highest) to hit, deals 1d10 x Int/Wis/Cha mod). These attacks are counted as siege attacks.

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