Sword of Annihilation (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (shortsword), artifact

This magic shortsword has a pitch-black blade that reflects no light, as if it is a hole in the universe.

With the exception of the sword's grip and its sheath, the blade obliterates all unattended objects it passes through and all unattended objects that passes through it. Artifacts are the exception. Unless an artifact is susceptible to damage from a sphere of annihilation, it passes through the sword unscathed.

Any organic matter is rapidly disintegrated by its touch. Any creature hit by the Sword of Annihilation takes an extra 4d10 force damage. Any creature that touches the blade of the Sword of Annihilation while it is unattended also takes 4d10 force damage. Any creature or object reduced to 0 hit points by this sword's force damage is obliterated, leaving behind no corpse nor any items carried on its person that are not artifacts.

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