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{{5e Image|float:right|770844d2857189b2ab7ced5b41cff71d.jpg The Warglaive of Elune

Weapon (Warglaive), artifact (Requires Attunement by a Night Elf trained by the Temple of Elune)

The Warglaive of Elune was first wielded by Thiernax against an awakened Old God, successfully defeating and slaying the fiend. The raw power of Elune tore Thiernax and his husband asunder, scattering the Warglaive into the great dark. Centuries passed, the Warglaive thought to be nothing more than a shooting star within the Cosmos. Eventually being retrieved by the Temple of Elune, the Warglaive is gifted to those who display exceptional devotion to The Goddess of the Moon.
Random Properties. The The Glaive of Elune has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

The Night Warriors Warglaive The Warglaive is a +3 weapon. Whilst wielding this artifact, your Dexterity increases by 2, your Strength increases by 2, and your Wisdom increases by 1. These can go past 20, but only up to 25. Additionally, your damage die is a 1d10 + Strength OR Dexterity.

The Grace of Elune. Once per day, the wielder can focus for a full minute to cause a supernatural eclipse, as per the spell description below. When in this eclipse, the party - and those friendly to them - have advantage on attack rolls. "With this spell, the character can create a limited eclipse, as though a heavenly body moves between the sun and the earth. The landscape within a five-mile radius of the character’s location experiences the dimming of the sun as a disk the character creates passes in front of it, culminating in a complete blackout and accompanying coronal ring. The eclipse follows the character across the landscape for up to 4 hours, until the sun goes down, or until the character dismisses the eclipse. The character does not need to concentrate on the eclipse while it lasts. The eclipse will end early if the Wielder is knocked unconscious or slain."

The Vengeance of Elune. If used against a demon, fiend, or Traitor to the Temple, the Warglaive deals an additional 1d10 Radiant damage.

The Devotion of Elune. Once per day - when the moon is highest - the wielder of the Warglaive must spend a full hour praying to Elune, through whatever means the Temple instructed them in. This does not interfere with a long rest. Failure to pray to Elune causes 10d10 Radiant damage and 10d10 Fire damage.
Destroying the The Glaive of Elune. The Warglaive was designed to be nearly indestructible, but it has two weaknesses. The first, is the combined might of the Dragon Aspects breathing upon it for one full - uninterrupted - hour. Once this period is completed, the Warglaive will be transformed into a raw ingot. The second way to destroy the Warglaive is if Elune herself bids that its presence is no longer required on the mortal plane. Rather than being destroyed, the weapon simply vanishes from its wielders possession, inflicting 20d10 Radiant damage, and 20d10 Fire damage.

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