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Wondrous Item, artifact

This Idol is shaped like a small stone skull, and the eyes are adorned with two pieces of jade. other than these pieces, the skull is not that valuable. those who hold it get the idea that it is valuable, despite how ordinary it looks.
Random Properties. The Idol of Knowledge has the following random properties:
inquire: once per week, you may ask the idol a question. the idol will then become animated, answering the question in your chosen tongue. the skull has extensive knowledge in almost any topic you inquire of it, but what it answers is its choice. when you ask a question, roll a d10 (1- the skull appears offended by the question in some way, responding with silence or perhaps a colorful swear. (2- the idol claims not to know the answer, weather or not it does.) (3-the idol says the complete opposite of what is true) (4-the idol frames the answer in the form of a cryptic riddle or warning.) (5-the idol answers truthfully, but does so in a way that could lead one to the wrong conclusion) (6-the idol pretends to misunderstand the question, answering only a part of it.) (7-the idol answers, but bregrudgeonly) (8 and 9-the idol answers the question, but takes the question exactly as it is worded, not the intention behind the question.) (10-the idol answers the question with perfect accuracy. this answer is exactly what you wanted to learn from asking the question, and is filled with detail and clarity.) if the question is an extremely well kept secret, give a -1 penalty to the roll, to a minimum of 1. if the questions answer would require seeing into the future, give a -2 penalty, to a minimum of 1. if the answer is something that the idol itself doesn't want you to know, such as the methods by which it could be destroyed, or otherwise confuddled, give a -5 penalty, to a minimum of 1.
Destroying the Idol of Knowledge. if the idol is ever asked a paradoxical question, or one that is otherwise unanswerable, the skull will break into a million pieces. the idol can alternatively be destroyed with the disintigrate spell.

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