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Wondrous Item (Glove), artifact (Requires no attunement)

Faust is a magical simple looking black glove for the left hand. It was once used by a traveling fist-fighter who trained everyone who asked him kindly enough. One day a wizard approached him and asked him if he could teach his daughter in the martial arts of his, the master accepted. After a few weeks, the girl was able to win a duel against everyone in the village, because of that, the wizard granted the traveler a wish.

The wizard was a bit surprised as he said, "Enchant my left glove. I don´t care what it does and please don´t tell me. I want to have some fun."

Tight Grip: All your attack and disarm attempt rolls gain +1.
Bare Fist: Upon performing an unarmed attack with the left hand you gain a +2 bonus on the attack roll and add +2 on the damage.
Handflash: When you would miss an unarmed attack you can move 5ft and the attack will hit but you will also take the damage.
Pack a Punch: If you hit with an unarmed attack you can unleash Faust´s power, which will knock the struck creature if it is sized big or smaller, 10 feet backward. You can do this only once after performing a long rest.
Random Properties. The Faust has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property

  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the Faust. This glove loses its powers after punching a parent of the wearer while being unarmed in the face. All other attempts to either break, destroy or remove any magical properties on it will summon a giant fist made out of wind to crush that creature. The fist ignores ceilings and such and will deal 1d20 force damage.

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