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wondrous item (dice), artifact (Requires attunement)

This item is an unassuming part of a gaming set. A glass dome over a metal baseplate, with three six-sided bone die contained within the dome. When the dome is pressed down upon and released, the steel baseplate is allowed to bend slightly and pop back up, jostling the dice and simulating a roll without the potential finesse of a rolling hand.

Law of Averages. While the Effigy of Averages is in your possession and attuned to you, any time a d20 test is called for, roll 3d6 instead. Apply modifiers as normal. As the lowest that can be rolled is a 3, and the highest is an 18, you can never critically succeed or critically fail a test rolled against in this manner.

Fairly Random. The Effigy can be used for any gambling game in which a roll of three six-sided dice is called for. When used as a gaming kit, even those proficient with dice cannot add their proficiency to rolls made during the game.
Destroying the Effigy of Averages. The item can be made powerless if its glass dome is shattered, which, bizarrely, requires a feat of extraordinary strength, represented by a DC 25 Strength (Athletics) check, made by an attuned user, which takes one minute.

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