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Weapon (Morningstar), artifact (Requires attunement by chaotic alignment.)

Forged in the heart of a volcano by an obsidian Gargoyle smith, the Shatterstar was meant to contain the destructive power of the volcano itself. The smith, using a protective spell to survive the intense heat, combined magma, obsidian, and metals extracted from the volcanic core to forge the Morningstar. While completing the weapon's enchantment, however, its magical properties destabilized the volcano, causing it to erupt. The land surrounding the area cracked, and the protective spell failed. The enchantment was never fully completed, and for this reason the Shatterstar's destructive power is unrefined and nearly impossible to contain. Physically, it looks like a Morningstar made of black iron, however, the head is about twice as large as that of a regular Morningstar, and it glows orange as though it has only just been forged.

Magic Weapon. The Shatterstar is a magical weapon that grants +3 to attack and damage rolls made with it.

Versatile. 2-handed wielding increases its damage to 1d10 and reduces its effect charge DCs by 2.

Molten Core. This weapon requires a strength score of 18 to wield. Additionally, you may choose to take 1d4 fire damage to change the damage type to Fire for a turn.

Volcanic Heart. This weapon has 10 charges and regains 1d8+2 at dawn. You may choose to tap into Shatterstar's volcanic heart. On a hit, attempt to expend charges to use an ability centered on the point of contact. Pass a Strength check determined by the ability used. On success, the attack and effect carry out as described. On failure, take 1d4 fire damage, drop Shatterstar, and take half damage from the rolled effect. Thunderwave (1 charge)(DC11). Shatter (2 Charges)(DC12). Flame Strike (3 Charges)(DC13). Immolate (4 Charges)(DC14). Earthquake (6 Charges)(DC16). Mass Immolation (The mace will become dormant after using this until the first dawn after at least 24 hours have passed.)(DC20)

Shatterstar. When a creature is dropped to 0 hit points by using the weapon's Shatter ability, you may expend 2 charges to cause that creature to turn to stone and explode. All creatures within 10 feet must pass a DC15 Dexterity save. On failure they take 1d6 pierce and 1d6 fire damage. On success, they take half.
Random Properties. The Shatterstar has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Destroying the Shatterstar. After being submerged in the Water of the Elemental Plane of Water, Shatterstar can be destroyed by casting Earthquake at the summit of the now-dormant volcano where Shatterstar was created. The Morningstar must be thrown down into the lava. This will cause an eruption in 1d4-1 days.

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