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Wondrous Item (Ring), Artifact (Requires attunement)

The coin appears like any other coin, though conforms to the appearance of the nearest coin to itself. The only difference between the two is the faint gold glow which emanates from the relic. To decipher which is which, you must be successful in a DC 18 Perception Check. Created by Erbin, God of Fortune, this relic was lost long ago during the Empire's campaign to conquer Baile Las Leathán. Religious texts states that this relic was created with the help of Thormund, taking five days and five nights to make just to Erbin's standards. Once it was finished, Erbin gifted this coin to the most faithful of his clerics. Since the siege on Baile Las Leathán, it has traded hands countless times.

To properly use this item, you must first decide the target creature. Once this has been established, you simply flip the coin. Heads or Tails? 1d4 Result 3-4 Heads 1-2 Tails

Once flipped, the targeted creature(s) will have a random spell cast upon them from the tables below. This artifact holds three (3) charges per day. Once the coin has landed, it will stick to any surface until the outcome has completely occured. No matter the appearance of the coin, it will always have a "heads" and a "tails" side. The coin cannot be harmed or destroyed by any nonmagical means other than by Erbin or Thormund themselves.


  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Sleight of Hand Gain +2 to Deception so long as it involves your hands, and +1 to your Dexterity score to a maximum of 21. Outsider of the Emerald Hills A curse has been placed on this for any non-Halfling who becomes attuned to this item. With every spell cast, take 1d6 Psychic damage as Erbin shouts into the head of the attuned creature. No other creature is able to hear this unless they can read minds.

Repeat as necessary

Destroying the . The coin cannot be harmed or destroyed by any nonmagical means other than by Erbin or Thormund themselves.

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