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Wondrous Item (necklace), artifact (requires attunement)

This item is a pure black gem connected to the user's clothing, the gem glows a dark green when it is active. This was created by a powerful spellsword archmage known as Argus, whose martial and magical prowess was unmatched. He many preferred physical combat, using magic to teleport from place to place, slashing an enemy before disappearing the blink of an eye to the position of the next foe. When he passed, the amulet was lost for years to come, many seeking it out for its powerful enchantments and all of them failing. Until now.

While attuned to this item, you gain the following benefits:

  • While you wearing this necklace, you have a +1 bonus to your AC.
  • Instead of moving on your turn, you gain a teleport speed equal to your walking speed, which can be used to transport yourself and any equipment you are wearing or carrying to an unoccupied space you can see within range.
  • You are able to summon a weapon or set of weapons as an action. Whenever you take a long rest, you can change their form as you please, but never any other time. The weapons count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances and immunities. The weapon(s) can take the form of any weapon or alternate version(s) of weapons, with the only difference being the weapon(s) deal 2d6 additional damage, and you are automatically proficient with any weapon(s) you summon. The weapon or weapons last until you dismiss them again as an action.
  • When Argus created this artifact, he made it with the purpose of making his martial prowess as great as his magical prowess, as well as protect him from harm and undo it when he would say, lose a limb. Upon enchanting this artifact, he poured his burning determination to push onwards and his adamantine-like will to live into the magic he used to enchant it, for the purpose of helping to keep him and anyone worthy enough to use it from death when the situation calls for it. When you drop to 0 hit points, you can choose to forgo making death saves to get back up for a final stand. You regain half your maximum hit points, and are using the amulet's full power combined with your steel hard will to live. For the next minute, you have resistance to all damage and may add an additional 1d6 to any saving throw you make.

Destroying the Argus Amulet. The amulet is enchanted to handle most forms of damage, however it is not undestroyable. It has resistance to all damage, has 25 AC and half the hit points of the user. If it is reduced to 0 hit points, it will crack. It must be fixed within 24 hours, or else the crack will grow and spread to the rest of the gem before breaking in a puff of blackish green smoke. While it is at 0 hit points, it's properties cannot be used. The only known ways to fix the amulet is either through Divine Intervention, a wish spell, or a 12 hour ritual performed by a spellcaster who has access to 7th level spells.

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