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Wondrous Item, artifact (Requires Attunment)

This green-glowing orb is 4 inches in diameter. The user may summon 1D10+4 Awakened Shrubs or 1 Awakened Tree as an action. These summoned creatures are under your complete control, acting at the end of your turn based on the commands you give them. If you give them no commands, they defend themselves (Except from you)but otherwise take no actions. Additionally, the user is immune to all natural (Meaning no spell, including nature magic, brought it forth) weather effects, including temperatures down to -50F and +150F. While attuned to this orb, nonsentient creatures that are the Beast, Monstrosity, Plant, or Dragon creature type are automatically friendly to the user, unless if the user is of an evil alignment (See Below). Finally, the orb can be used to cast commune with nature, once per day. The orb has 10 charges. 1 charge may be used to cast animal friendship, animal messenger, barkskin, beast sense, or goodberry. 3 charges may be used to cast conjure animals, plant growth, speak with plants, or water breathing. Finally, 5 charges may be used to cast grasping vine, or tree stride. The orb regains 1 charge every day at dawn. If all of it's charges are spent, roll a D20. On a 1, the orb is destroyed if an evil-aligned creature is attuned to it, losing its glow as it cracks and crumbles into shards of glass.

Besides the above, the orb's presence is so powerful it can affect areas it stays in for some time, depending on who's attuned to it, if anyone.

If a good or neutral-aligned creature (Or no creature) is attuned to the orb and leaves it in one spot, after the first day a tree will begin to sprout around it, growing to a 20 foot height in 7 days. After the 7 days have passed, animals will begin to flock to the area, and plants will be rejuvenated within 1 mile of the orb. These effects continue to increase, including the height of the tree, for up to one month of being in the same location (Totaling a 6 mile radius at the end of the month). All the plant-life in the area is connected, and if the attuned user uses the Commune With Nature the orb gives them while this effect occurs, they can learn an unlimited amount of facts about the surrounding area related to the spell (The entire radius that is affected, up to the 6 miles that the orb can affect). If the orb is removed at any time, the artificial forest will immediately start to die, returning to whatever state the area was in within the same amount of time as when the orb was there, up to 1 month (Less, if it's sped along by any deforestation).

If an evil-aligned creature attunes to the orb and leaves it in one spot, the opposite effects begin to occur. Plants die, animals try to flee, and after 1 day, stone envelops the orb. By day 7, any creatures of the above types remaining in a 1 mile radius, and any that enter that radius, become afflicted with Baneweaver Curse (5e Curse), and cannot leave the area the orb affects. Even sentient creatures of the above types are affected in this way, except for sentient Dragons. By the end of the month, the stone that grows around the orb is a massive, spiked spire, and the forest is completely dead, though the trees remain without their leaves. Unlike if a good-aligned creature uses the orb this way, if these effects occur, removing the orb or unattuning to it does not undo the damage done, though it can still be undone through time, magic, or this item's other uses.

Lastly, any creature attuned to the orb does not age, need food, water, sleep or air.
Random Properties. The Orb of Nature has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 0 minor detrimental properties
  • 0 major detrimental properties

Destroying the Orb of Nature. This item can only be destroyed by an evil-aligned creature that is attuned to it. Such a creature must cast any spell that causes acid damage on it (That can be used to attack objects.).

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