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April Fools!
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Weapon, artifact

this is a strange metal box with a tinted window in the front. also lined on the front are a series of buttons, each labeled things like "potato", "defrost", and "soften/melt". one of the buttons is not labeled, but instead is marked with a skull and crossbones. pressing this button releases an intense blast known as a macrowave.
Random Properties. The Macrowave has the following random properties:
Macrowave blast By expending an action, you may press the skull button on the macrowave while holding it open, releasing a high power beam called a macrowave. this attack acts as if it was the 9th level spell obliteration beam. the only difference is that it deals an additional +3d10 fire damage to structures. in order for this attack to be used, the macrowave has to be suitably charged. the macrowave runs on electricity, and must sustain a collective 500 thunder damage. this damage is absorbed into the macrowave, which will recharge it and cause it no harm.

Macrowave Setting: by placing an object into the macrowave and pressing the skull button, the door will slam shut and the object inside will spin inside for 1d4 turns. once these are over, the door may be opened and whatever object was placed inside is destroyed. this effect can only be reversed with a wish spell. this effect needs to be recharged in the same way the macrowave blast ability does.
Destroying the Macrowave. if someone places a food item, such as a pizza, inside of the macrowave, and attempts to use its macrowave setting option upon it, the macrowave will explode in a burst of flame, dealing 1d6 fire damage to anyone within 5 feet of the macrowave. the macrowave itself will be completely destroyed, but the food item will be uncooked.

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