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Weapon (dagger), artifact (requires attunement)

This dagger is made from mithral and has its name engraved into the blade in celestial. The hilt is shaped to look like a pair of angel wings.

  • this weapon is a +3 dagger that deals an additional 2d6 radiant damage to evil aligned creatures. minor beneficial properties
  • The Mercyblade casts Sanctuary on the attuned wielder whenever they complete a short or long rest (DC 16). this effect last until dispelled, or its conditions are violated, as normal. in addition, whenever the wielder restores health to a creature, they gain the effects of the sanctuary spell (DC 16). this effect lasts until the caster's next turn, or its conditions are violated, as normal major beneficial properties
  • good aligned creatures are resistant to the Mercyblade minor detrimental properties
  • the Mercyblade is incapable of ending the life of a living being. If its user were to attempt to attack with the intent to kill anyway, the target is considered under the effects of the sanctuary spell (DC 16) for the attack. the Mercyblade can be used to knock someone unconsciously as normal. major detrimental properties

Destroying the Mercyblade. to destroy the Mercyblade, you must bathe it in the blood of a celestial, then immediately throw it into the fires of any level of hell.

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