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Weapon (shortswords), artifact (requires attunement (One attunement slot per each sword))

Feuer and Sturm are the wicked blades of a horrific monster. A being whose name is lost to all but the most ancient of warriors. All that remains apparent is the connection that these weapons have to the demon Orcus.
Random Properties. The Feuer and Sturm has the following random properties:

  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 major detrimental property

Feuer. While attuned to "Feuer", the blade deals an additional 2d8 points of fire damage.

Sturm. While attuned to "Sturm", the blade deals an additional 2d8 points of lightning damage.

Mage Breaker. While attuned to both swords, when you land a melee attack with either sword, you may also choose to cast dispel magic as a 3rd level spell on the target of your attack as a part of that weapon attack. When casting dispel magic in this way, you do not expend a spell slot and you use your Charisma as your spellcasting ability.

Pull from Oblivion. While attuned to both swords, you gain the ability to perform a 10 minute ritual to conjure fiends. You may perform this ritual once before completing a long rest to do so again. Upon completion of this ritual, you may conjure a number of fiends whose total CR does not exceed 5. For example, you might conjure 1 Barbed Devil or 5 Imps. These fiends appear in unoccupied spaces within 10 feet of you and remain under your command for 1 hour, disappearing if reduced to 0 hit points or after an hour passes. You must maintain concentration on this effect as if concentrating on a spell. If you lose concentration on this effect, the fiends will go berserk and attack whatever creatures are closest to them.

Curse You may not unattune from either "Feuer" or "Sturm" without the use of the wish spell or the cleric's Divine Intervention feature.

Curse While attuned to either "Feuer" or "Sturm", you must make a DC 19 Charisma saving throw every day at dusk or be possessed by the wicked spirit within for 24 hours. This spirit is Lawful/Evil and will scheme and find a way to kill your closest companions, doing everything in its power to maintain the illusion that they are you. If you are attuned to both swords, you make your Charisma saving throw at disadvantage. If you fail this Charisma save three days in a row, the spirit within the swords consumes your soul and claims your body as their own.
Destroying the Feuer and Sturm. Feuer and Sturm may only be destroyed by being crushed beneath the heel of one who is truly pure of heart and free of sin. If there is, or ever has been fury, hatred, or rage within this creature's heart, they are powerless against the will of these wicked blades.

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