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Weapon (Longsword), artifact

Legend has it that when the other races appeared on the world many Dwarves went to the surface to join them or lived on the surface, but one group of them did not forsake the ways so old, they'd rather live deep with in the depths so cold, they said it was not right for a dwarf to fly so high, they'd never seen the moons glow for they couldn't dig too low, not one race could best them though many detested them, when they first reached the underdark the drow heard them sing and thought it funny they were so foolish, but soon the elves of night skin with hair of ashen white would come to give them way should they hear their song. Down and down they went soon they found the underworld but even the demons learned to fear their booming song. At the depths of the fiery waste they found an ore unlike any other, solid black with white specks like stars they'd heard stories of from travelers and drow they had captured. They presented it to anything they thought might know of its origin. Troglodytes worshiped it as a god and attacked the Dwarves for it but lost, drow demanded its surrender and were wiped out when they threatened death on the Dwarves. Then the Dwarves knew it must be powerful and from it they forged a sword, one fit for their underking. The sword was black as the darkest depths and sparkled with white specks, the Dwarf Lord was pleased and he dubbed it Infinity. No one knows what happened to the Dwarf, but some believe the leader, after dying undefeated of old age, had his sons sell the sword so it could serve another noble warrior,

The sword is long and thick, but it seems it grows to be more fitting for whoever wields it. The blade features a thick middle about as thick as half of an ingot with the metal around it coming down into a blade, the top of it is in the of a square on its corner with a same shaped hole in the center but much smaller. upon feeling the center of the blade there are runes there in ancient Dwarven, though a dialect long lost dialect. The handle is black as well but clearly of a different material it seems to of wood with a white cloth wrapped around it for comfort, the pommel is simply a large black obsidian gem inside a wood holder. The weapon is cool to the touch and has a slight purple hue to its blackness and glows a similar hue. The weapon almost radiates with intellect and you feel smarter wielding it.

Force of Infinity For every 2 intelligence points above 10 your character has you may deal an extra d6 of force damage on an attack. This can only be used three times, and resets after a long rest

Depths of Infinity You are proficient in Insight, Arcana, and Investigation checks. If you are already the effect is doubled

Across the Infinite Expanse Roll a d4. If you roll 1 you cast 5e SRD:Magic Missile, roll a 2 and you cast 5e SRD:Lightning Bolt, roll a 3 and cast "blood let" You take a 1d8 of damage it is unaffected by resistance or immunity and has no type, an enemy of your choice within 25 feet takes the same damage. Roll 4 and you cast 5e SRD:Heal on yourself or an ally.

Social problems You have trouble communicating with other people and you have disadvantage on charisma checks.

Arrogance The blade radiates with arrogance and some cannot handle it. When you fight an opponent with intelligence lower than your by 3 points, make a wisdom check, cr 16 if you fail physical attacks against it have disadvantage.

Destroying the Infinity. while the weapon is very hard to destroy it is not impossible, The weapon if removed from sheath in limbo will be destroyed in about 20 seconds as it's beautiful stars would be torn apart by the infinite void, the other way is simply speaking to return it to the stars, with a catapult, ballista, or a weapon of similar capabilities, or a bird the weapon could be sent up high enough for the sky to re-accept it and pull it up the rest of the way, leaving nothing but the handle behind.

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