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Weapon (Dual Great-Scythe), artifact (requires a wielder that is Lawful Neutral, True Neutral, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Neutral)

This weapon is a Double-Sided Great Scythe. The handle of the weapon appears to be made of a gaseous like substance with streams of what appear to be fire and ice moving throughout. The top blade of the scythe extends outward roughly 2 feet from the handle and is made of what appears to be pure starlight. The bottom blade also extends two feet away from the handle, but is made of what appears to be pure darkness, as if you peered into a black hole. Star Dreamer leaves a trail of light and darkness that quickly dissipates when it swings through the air.

Though Star Dreamer is known to be an extension of its wielders soul, it will refuse to be wielded by those it does not believe have proved themselves worthy.

This vorpal weapon is particularly graceful when in motion and has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

The Star Dreamer deals 2d12 Slashing Damage + 3d6 Necrotic or Radiant Damage, depending on which end of the scythe you swing with. If a second attack is made in 1 action with this weapon, you must swing with the opposite end, and alternate damage.


The Star Dreamer serves as a counter-balance of the wielders soul, slowly causing the soul to slowly slide towards True Neutral alignment the longer it is wielded. If someone who is to far aligned to good or evil attempts to handle Star Dreamer, their mind will be shattered and lost to the cosmos beyond our understanding.

Stay of Judgement

The Star Dreamer will not allow the wielder to strike unless the target proves to be hostile to the wielder or one the wielder considers an ally, but will strike down those who prove to be a danger without remorse. The Wielders first action of any combat is delayed, but their initial strike deals an additional 3d10 Radiant Damage.

Empowered Alignment

As an action, The wielder empowers the light or darkness within their soul, granting themselves the ability to use Celestial Form or Abyssal Form. Each form can only be used once per long rest.

Celestial Form - The wielder enters their celestial form, bursting with inner light. While in this form, the user restores 10 health to every allied unit, except themselves, at the start of their action. While in Celestial Form, you are treated as a bright light source that shines in a 60 foot radius. While in Celestial Form, The Star Dreamer can only deal Radiant Damage. While in Celestial Form, the user has access to the Life Flare ability. Celestial Form Automatically ends once Life Flare is used. Life Flare sacrifices half of the users maximum life to restore twice that value to one ally within 30 feet and harmful bonus actions cannot be used in conjunction with Life Flare. Celestial Form Lasts 2 actions or until Life Flare is used.

Abyssal Form - The wielder enters their Abyssal Form, becoming shrouded in their inner darkness. While in this form, the user drains 5 health from all enemies within 10 feet at the start of their action, adding all health drained this way to the wielder. You can not go over maximum health with this effect. While in Abyssal Form, you are treated as a source of magical darkness that consumes everything within a 10 foot radius. While in Abyssal Form, The Star Dreamer can only deal Necrotic Damage. While in Abyssal Form, you have access to Abyssal Strike. Abyssal Form automatically ends once Abyssal Strike is used. Abyssal Strike deals normal attack damage plus an additional 2d12+6 Necrotic Damage at the cost of one-quarter the wielders maximum health. Abyssal Form lasts 2 actions or until Abyssal Strike is used.


This weapon is considered an extension of the soul of its wielder, representing both the light and the dark sides of its personality. The Star Dreamer has an Intelligence of 20, a Charisma of 17 and a Wisdom of 20. Star Dreamer is known to only speak to its wielder unless manifested, using its high intelligence and knowledge of the universe to help answer some questions, though it only answers questions that is essential to its wielders life or death. Star Dreamer has 60ft of darkvision and can hear in that same range. Star Dreamer can speak and read Common, Celestial, Abyssal, and Infernal. Star Dreamer also can understand any languages that you do. This weapon seeks the enlightenment of itself and by extension its wielder. When the wielder lies to themselves or denies themselves something that they want that is in their power to achieve, Star Dreamer will have a heated discussion with the wielder during the next short or long rest. If the user continuously does this, Star Dreamer and the wielder will have an argument at dawn.


The personality of Star Dreamer is that of a Shoulder Devil and Shoulder Angel. Star Dreamer can speak to it's wielder telepathically and gives advice when needed, but will only answer direct questions to it when it pertains to life and death, literally and philosophically. One side of Star Dreamer, the Devil, will try to persuade the wielder to perform acts of mischief and misdeeds, though not outright evil. The Star Dreamers Shoulder angel will try to persuade the wielder to perform helpful acts for others, but not pure goodness, as it will advise to seek compensation unless in atonement for an evil deed.

Star dreamer has the ability to manifest itself outside of combat. The manifestation cannot stray more than 30 feet from the blade and appears as two small twin children. They have fair, pale skin, and wear dresses made of starlight (Evil Half), and A dress of pure darkness (Good Half). The Good half has pure white hair, and the Evil half has pure black hair. Their eyes are both light amethyst in color. Each child has a bang covering an eye, the good half has their left eye covered, and the evil half has their right eye covered.

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