The Last Prism (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

This artifact looks like a white glass prism, but when the user concentrates it's power for a full turn, the colors of the rainbow shoot out of it. You cannot use bonus actions during concentration and your speed is cut to .
Random Properties. The The Last Prism has the following random properties:

Prism Beam. You shoot 7, very colorful, beams of light and they each do 5d20/1d100 radiant damage. You can choose to shoot less beams, which makes concentration not required, or shoot up to 6 extra beams, which requires an extra turn of concentration (you can use bonus actions for these extras now) for every extra 2 beams you use.

Prismatic Healing. If you concentrate (you cannot do ANYTHING while concentrating) for a turn, you can shoot a pure white beam of light that heals your friends for 1d100-10. Cannot be 0, only 10. this beam goes from 5 feet in front of you to 120 feet in front of you or until it hits a wall or something else obstructs it. The beam is 25 feet wide. This beam will not heal enemies. Instead it will deal 1d20 radiant damage to the enemies.

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