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April Fools!
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Wondrous Item (Card), artifact (Requires Attunement)

This legendary item has been passed down through the generations. It comes as part of what seems like a normal deck of cards at first glance. However, it is far from ordinary. Instead ofusing suites, it has four different colors- red, yellow, green, and blue. Instead of having face cards, it has special cards, such as one with all four colors in it and one with a +4 symbol on it. And hidden in the deck, there is a special card. It is a card with two arrows on it, each going the opposite way. It gives off a very strong magical aura, and anyone who holds it feels its power coursing through their veins. This is the Uno Reverse Card, a card with the power to reverse all attacks coming its way.
Random Properties. The Uno Reverse Card has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Nope! You may cast the spells counterspell and dispel magic at will.

Reverse! When you are targeted by a spell that affects only you, you may, as a reaction, brandish this card in front of you and reflect the attack. You do not suffer the effects of the spell, and the person who cast the spell becomes the new target of the spell. Once you use this property, you can't use it again until the next dawn.

Right Back Atcha! When you are hit by a weapon attack, you may use your reaction to brandish this card and reverse the attack. You take no damage and that creature must roll their attack again, but this time against their armor class. If they hit, the attack proceeds as normal, just affecting themselves instead of you. You may use this ability 3 times, and you regain all expended uses at dawn.
Destroying the Uno Reverse Card. The Uno Reverse card cannot be damaged by any normal means, even though it is only a card. The only way to destroy it is to use another Uno Reverse Card against a spell or attack roll that was reflected, which destroys both cards and creates a portal to the Astral Plane.

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