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Weapon (whip), artifact (Requires Attunement, unless wielder is a descendant of the Belmont Clan)

At first glance, this whip is just as plain as your run-of-the-mill whip, however, closer examination reveals an insignia near the base: a shield, with a cross in the center, and a pair of eagle heads on top. Two wings fly out from behind the shield.

Holy Lashes This weapon does double Damage against any Undead or Fiendish creature. In addition, if used by a cleric, this weapon can act as a replacement for your Holy Symbol for Turning Undead. As to be expected, Such creatures can't even touch the whip.

Attunement rite To attune to this weapon, the wielder in question must defeat the Shadow of Richter Belmont in a dream-like state. See [[1]] for details.

Differences Under normal circumstances, the Belmont Whip functions just like any other whip (See [[2]] for details), however if Used by someone who is a descendant of the Belmont Clan, or someone who has attuned to the Whip, it gains +2 hit, and deals 1d8 + str or dex + wis or cha slashing damage.

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