Throne of Want (5e Equipment)

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Wondrous Item, artifact

This plain, unornamented backed seat, apparently carved from a single slab of stone, is the oldest chair in the world. This stone seat magically adjusts its proportions to comfortably accomodate any creature that sits upon it. It is from this very throne that the creators of the world shaped it the way it is now. Were someone to get their hands on it, all reality would become their plaything.

Powerful Magic. The Throne of Want's magical aura can be detected by detect magic or other magical divination tools from up to one hundred miles away. Its aura is so powerful that is overwhelms all others, causing magic attempting to discern the location or properties of anything else within this radius to fail.

Want. While seated on the Throne of Want, you may use an action to cast wish. Casting wish this way causes no stress to the user, regardless of how the spell was used: The Throne itself effortlessly shoulders all of the weight that casting wish might bear.

Destroying the Throne of Want. The Throne of Want can be used to wish itself out of existence. There are no possible other means of destroying the Throne of Want.

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