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Wondrous Item, artifact ((requires attunement by a wizard) Upon attunement, the wizard attuned takes 6d10 psychic damage and is placed under a geas spell with an infinite duration. The geas is to discover how and why Totuus was created. Upon learning the answer, the geas is lifted.)

This tome cannot contain lies. Totuus can replace a wizard's spellbook. Anything that is untrue that is written in it will immediately deal 8d10 psychic damage to the writer. Writing anything that is vague or unclear deals 4d10 psychic damage to the writer. Questions written in the book do not cause either of these effects. Totuus always contains an extra blank page, no matter how much is written in it. Any spells recorded in Totuus are cast by the attuned wizard at one level higher than they would otherwise be cast. These spells cannot exceed a level at which the wizard could otherwise cast it. A spell from any class's spell list can be recorded in Totuus. Totuus increases the attuned wizard's Intelligence by 2 permanently, grants resistance to psychic damage dealt by a source other than Totuus itself, and immunity to the frightened and charmed conditions.

Destroying the Totuus. Totuus can be destroyed by writing a detailed account of how it was created in the book itself.

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