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Weapon (Bladed Whip), Artifact (Require Attunement, Being a warlock with a pact with Arcane.)

Hellnight is the whip of Arcane Lilith, Daughter of the Shadow, a rogue succubus who escaped hell and turned against other fiends,after being accepted by the god Poltrique, The Shadow One. This whip contain the essence of Arcane, so she always know where it is and she can cast spells through it and communicate with the person that has it. Since it's an artefact own by Arcane, it attract both Fiends and Celestials, like a moth to a flame, and they will try to take possession of the whip. Hellnight look like a blood-red Bladed whip with black blades.

Myth Killer While attuned to it, Hellnight count as a +1 whip, except against Celestials, Fey, Fiends, and Abominations, in that case it count as a +4.

Breeze of Hell While attuned to it, cause 1d4 of fire, frost & Necrotic damage and you are resistant to Fire, Frost & Necrotic damage.

Hell Blaze While attuned to it and you damage a creature with this weapon, you burn their outsides and boil there very insides. If they are not immune to fire damage, the next instance of fire damage that the creature takes deals an additional 1d4 fire damage. This fire susceptibility lasts until the start of your next turn.

Hell Chill While attuned to it and you damage a creature with this weapon, you chill them to the bone. If they are not immune to cold damage, you reduce their movement speed by half until the start of your next turn.

Succubus Call While attuned to it, you can Telepathically talk to Arcane, and any willing creature that you can see in 300 ft. of you if Arcane allows him.(While doing this, you are at the mercy of Arcane).

Succubus Appeal While attuned to it, when you hit a humanoid, the target must make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw like he was target of the Charm of a Succubus/Incubus Being hit by the whip act like an Aphrodisiac). Your Charisma is increased by 2 to a max of 22, while having it visible on you.

Hellish Beacon Even while not attuned, Hellnight ooze Demonic energy that attract Celestials, Fiends & Fey to it's location, unless sealed. Celestials & Fiends that search of it will attack the wielder on sight while Feys that tries to gain power will try to trick the wielder to have it. Having it on you put a disadvantage on you when dealing with Celestials and Fiends that are hostile to Arcane, since they sense Hellnight.

Destroying the Hellnight. It is impossible to destroy nor is it possible to be made powerless, unless Arcane is killed, if that is done the Whip will vanish, but Arcane will come back in the domain of Poltrique, sometime after with Hellnight in hand.

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