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The Gladius Ignis(I do not own this image)Sorce:[1]

Weapon (Katana (5e Equipment)), artifact (Requires Attunement by a chosen Humanoid(The DM choses whos worthy)

History: A long time ago there lived two powerful Dynasty's that waged countless war between each other they were the Quin Dynasty and the Vin Dynasty. For many decades the Quin and the Vin waged war between each other over land, petty differences and above all else resources that allow one them to become the most dominant power on the continent of Morthan. The Quin and the Vin had both had ancient defenders of there nation in the form of two dragons for the Quin it was the Red Dragon of the south, for the Vin it was the Blue Dragon of the west Both of these ancient and powerful beasts had protected the lands from outside threats for years but after seeing centuries of meaningless bloodshed the dragons came together and made the empress of the Quin and the emperor of the Vin marry to bring together the people. After the country was made whole the dragons gave the two children of the marriage their blood thus giving them powerful magic the elder boy received the blood of the red dragon and the younger daughter received the blood of the blue dragon. Before the dragons left to long-forgotten lands they gave the eldest boy a blade made of both blue and red dragon scales the Gladius Ignis or in the common tongue The Sword of Fire a powerful weapon that is handed down to the next ruler of the Quin'Vin dynasty this sword can only be wielded of someone of this family's blood. When the Eldest boy became emperor he banished his younger sister for falling in love with a low ranking knight she was never seen or heard from again but legend tells that her bloodline is still alive. Hundreds of years after the creation of the Quin'Vin Dynasty a new more powerful emperor ascended to the throne Mogeon, Lord Of The Red he was powerful in body and unrivaled in magic he was so powerful in fact that he reforged the Gladius Ignis to be even stronger. Mogeon, Lord Of The Red had for years despised the Iron-Hide Empire they relied on natural spirits of the forests to protect them Mogeon believed that it was his divine right to claim all the lands in his name for who could be more worthy than someone of the dragons blessing. After years of preparation, he launched a surprise attack on two of the Iron-Hide Empires city's Sekby, Iyore he led the attack on Sekby and pillaged and plundered the lands any who stood in his way was felled in one strike but as victory seemed at hand a tall human road forth on white steed and charged his troops he wielded a great ax that would later be named Draco Callidus or in common Dragon Clever. This man fought through hordes of Quin'Vin troups without breaking a sweat when he reached Mogeon, Lord Of The Red he asked to face him in honorable combat Mogeon agreed on one term that this man tells Mogeon his name the man stood ready for battle and proclaimed himself Elan Knight of the Iron-Hide Empire. The two did battle for five hours and in the end, Mogeon, Lord Of The Red was taught a valuable lesson never test the determination of a man. Elan cut Mogeon, Lord Of The Red in half and earned the name Draco Callidus for his ax now the Katana of the dynasty has been lost and it is said that the next wielder shall lead the dynasty to greatness.

Ancient Construction: Gladius Ignis is a magic weapon that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. When you strike a creature with this blade you also do an additional 1d6+Chr or Con(The blade will decide what ability score you use for the extra damage) fire or lightning damage (you decide what damage it is before you roll). This weapon also has the siege feature so that it can break through objects(siege means you automatically roll max damage against inanimate objects).

Terrifying presence: Gladius Ignis exudes a very terrifying aura around It to the point that your foes run In fear! You know the 5e SRD:Thaumaturgy cantrip and you can also cast the 5e SRD:Fear spell once per short rest the spell save is 18. You also gain advantage against effects that try to Frighten you.

The Sword of Fire: Twice per short rest when you strike an enemy with an attack you can deal an extra 2d6+Chr or Con+ Half proficiency modifier fire or lightning damage on top of your normal damage this damage ignores resistance and treats immunity as resistance. (This can work on magic and other attacks you make without using the Katana but you must be wielding it too use this ability.)

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