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Weapon (Glaive), artifact (attunement: yes)

The favored weapon of Zenith. Zenith was a member of a ancient race of powerful humanoids called the Run-La-Kul, who were the first worshipers the gods upon their appearence in multiverse, however the gods grew fearful of their ever-growing numbers and feared that the Run-La-Kul would outmatch them in a few centuries. So the gods agreed to wipe them out, eraseing all memory of them and everything they had built. Nothing remained of the Run-La-Kul's civilization and only one of them avoided the god's wrath, an adventurer named Zenith. Zenith was enraged at the genocide of his people and sought out revenge. knowing he could not match the gods' power as he was he ventured deep into the pits of the Abyss, slaughtering demons as he went and stealing their power. Covered in the blood of now countless demons, Zenith found himself now immortal. Allowing him to continue for centuries in the darkness of plane of demons. He eventually grew strong enough to return to challenge the gods and when he did he found the world populated by the early ancestors of the races that exist today. His desire for vengeance was renewed at this sight and he vowed he would destroy all of the gods so that the same fate did not befall these people as had befallen his. He eventually slew a god, their name now long forgotten, of endurance and combat, and with their divine spark forged a weapon of immense power, imbuing it with his anger and lust for vengeance, this was The Godhunt Glaive. Gods both good and evil came together to combat this new threat and in a fight of mythic caliber, but at the same time unnoticed completly by those who did not fight, defeated Zenith. Casting his soul into the astral plane to wander aimlessly forever. Zenith lost his battle with the gods but his weapon remained, cast into a dark, remote, and forgotten part of the multiverse by the gods. The gods still fear the weapon and it's master to this day and do not speak of them except in hushed whispers, and only when the situation requires them to talk about the two at all.

Damage die: 1d12

Properties: Heavy, Reach, two-handed

Divine Nature: The Godhunt Glaive is alway in flawless, pristine condition and cannot be damaged or changed in any way. It can only be destroyed under special and specific conditions.

Magic Weapon: The Godhunt Glaive functions like a Vopal Weapon and a Sword of Sharpness

Godhunt: This item has two charges. You may expend one charge when you hit a target to deal an extra 2d10 psychic damage to the target, this damage increases by 2d10s for each challenge rating the creature has above 1. (creatures with challenge rating less than 1 are unaffected)You may expend both charges at once to maximize the damage dealt. Damage from this ability ignores resistance and immunity and cannot be reduced or avoided in any way. Once a per long rest these charges are regained. If you kill a god's mortal form, or whatever they may have taken, they are killed permanently, the only way to save them would be to reverse time, and stop them from dying.
Random Properties. The The Godhunt Glaive has the following random properties:

  • 4 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties
  • 2 minor detrimental properties
  • 1 major detrimental property

Destroying the The Godhunt Glaive. The Glaive can be destroyed three ways. If it's reason to exist is fulfilled and the gods are destroyed, if Zenith commands it to be destroyed, or if a sufficient number the Run-La-Kul are restored to life to rebuild their people.

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