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April Fools!
This content is not designed for use in regular games, and may affect overall balance and gameplay. Take caution when using this material.

Wondrous Item (Sunglasses), artifact (requires attunement)

It is a pair of Ray-Ban® Official Aviator Sunglasses™ with some interesting properties.
Random Properties. The The Vibe Glasses has the following random properties:

  • The wearer gains the ability to summon the glasses if he was not wearing them and dismiss them to a small pocket dimension if he was wearing them. minor beneficial properties
  • The wearer gains the ability to be the best dressed at any sort of gathering or fight. major beneficial properties
  • The wearer loses their keys. minor detrimental properties
  • The wearer's mind is flooded with the knowledge of that part of the internet. major detrimental properties

This pair of Ray-Ban® Official Aviator Sunglasses™ has the power to CHECK VIBES. Along with that it gives you a boost to your Charisma score and creates a sphere with a 300 ft radius in which no bad vibes can be had.

VIBE CHECK.: The VIBE CHECK is a powerful ability that can bring anyone to their knees. If you so choose you can target up to 10 creatures within the radius to VIBE CHECK, if the creature fails a DC 15, or (your character's level) which other one is higher, Constitution save they have a bad day and take 10d10 Psychic damage, and half as much on a success. Another thing happens if they fail the VIBE CHECK if the creature is aligned then the creature's alignment flips to good if it is not already.

VIBE Radius.: In the radius, a creature cannot act against the vibes you put off unless they want to face damage from the VIBE CHECK. While in the radius any creature who fails a DC 15, or (your character's level) which other one is higher, Wisdom save becomes pacified from the good vibes.

VIBE Break: Inside the good vibes radius a creature cannot be reduced to madness, insanity, or another mental breakdown. VIBE Break can break a creature out of madness if the wearer passes a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw they can break anything that doesn't have good vibes.

Destroying the The Vibe Glasses. This Item is rather difficult to destroy but it can be done if the following things are done. First you need a person against the wearer who must find the anti vibe, next they have to mentally prepare themselves, thirdly, they must be dressed more fashionably than the wearer. Finally, they will need to have a good clean dance battle where it will be decided.

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