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Weapon (Short sword), artifact (Requires attunement)

A finely crafted Damascus blade shrouded in a light black haze that partially obscures the blade.

  • +3 to attack and damage roles
  • 1d8 slash + 2d8 necrotic

Vengeful Existence:

  • When you first attune to this weapon chose an enemy type, ex. humanoid, fiend, undead. whenever you hit a creature of the chosen type with this weapon it deals an additional 2d10 necrotic damage.
  • You regain hitpoints equal to half the amount of necrotic damage you deal with this weapon

Adaptive Edge: This weapon has over the span of its existence evolved to suit the needs of whom ever happens to be wielding it at the time. There can only be one edge active at a time and the dm determines whitch edge is activates.

  • Arcane Edge: If the Character who attunes to this weapon is a class or archetype that is capable of casting spells then the sword gains these abilities.
    • Can be used a spell casting focus
    • As a bonus action on each of your turns you may expend a charge to cast a spell if you have access to casting spells without expending a spell slot, spells cast this way are cast at the highest level you could.
    • This weapon can hold up to 4 charges and regains 1d4 charges at each dusk.
    • Whenever you deal necrotic damage you have a chance to gain an additional charge for this weapon. This triggers anytime you roll maximum damage on a necrotic damage die.

  • Serrated Edge: If the Character who attunes to this weapon is a class or archetype that relies on dealing high amounts of damage in a short period of time then the sword gains these abilities
    • Each damage die that this dealt by this weapon trough class abilities is increased by one class. (ex. 1d6 to 1d8,1d8 to 1d10., and so on)
    • Whenever you attack the chosen target of Vengeful Existence your critical hit score increases by two. (ex. 20 to 18, 18 to 17, and so on)

  • Hollow Edge: If the Character who attunes to this weapon is a class or archetype that relies on not being seen and seeking up on your target then the sword gains these abilities
    • While attuned to this weapon you add double you proficiency bonus to any Dexterity (Stealth) checks you make.
    • When making a Dexterity (Stealth) check and there is an enemy of the same type as the one chosen for Vengeful Existence in your line if sight then you gain advantage on the Dexterity (Stealth) check.
    • Given that you haven't been seen in one minute the first attack you make after leaving stealth is a critical hit as long as you would naturally hit.
    • When you make an attack if you score a critical hit you may make an additional strike as part of the same attack for free, rolling again for the second hit, this ability can only be activated once each turn.

  • Reinforced Edge: If the Character who attunes to this weapon is a class or archetype that relies on having a lot of health and being hard to hit then the sword gains these abilities
    • This weapon acts as a shield in addition to a sword giving you a +5 to your ac (two from the shield part 3 from the weapons +3 to everything)
    • As a reaction to being hit by an attack or spell you my toll a Constitution saving throw of 10 or half the attack/spells damage, on a success you may instead take no damage and gain back hitpoints equal to half the damage you would have taken, if you would go above your maximum hitpoints the rest is gained as temporary hitpoints. you may use this ability a number of times equal to your Constitution modifier.
    • On your turn if you make an attack against a target of the Vengeful Existence ability

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