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Weapon (any sword), artifact (requires attunement by a creature of good or neutral alignment)

The templar cross is a weapon forged at The Seven Heavens of Mount Celestia. The first solar is known to have wielded this weapon in battle but has since relinquished it until it is necessary to wield again to end an uncontrollable force of evil that threatens the planes of existence beyond mortal understanding. This weapon is within a vault of other powerful divine objects guarded by planetars, devas and the like to prevent those unworthy to not gaze at its grace. The most recent person worth to hold this weapon was Aedria Vos Roth, a paladin, in an effort to slay the vampire Zancian Vos Roth, the Dark Queen or her mother in this case. This weapon aided her in this strife and then left her presence to show itself again when the need arises. The hilt is made of adamantine with mithral engraved into the shape of a solar on one side while the other side has a symbol that looks like Mount Celestia. The blade is made of gleaming metal that sings heavenly music when touched by a good aligned character and is made of a blessed metal not found in the material plane.

Magic Weapon. The templar cross is a magic weapon that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it. The templar cross also functions as a mace of disruption, a ring of regeneration, a sun blade.

Grace of the Seven Heavens. If you are a paladin attuned to this weapon, you gain the following benefits:

  • You can't be cursed, being immune to curse effects (such as the hexblade curse or lycantropy), and spells that impose a type of curse, like the Hex or Bestow Curse spell.
  • You can use Divine Sense at will, without spending uses. You can also spend a use of Divine Sense to cause it to last for 1 hour.
  • You gain proficiency in Religion, and in Intelligence checks to recall information related to celestials, fiends and the planes related to those creatures (the abyss, mount celestia and the nine hells).

Gift of Life. If you are attuned to this weapon, you can use an action to cast the raise dead spell without material components. You cannot use this property again until the next dawn.

Higher Purpose. The Templar Cross is a weapon of absolute need. It will only show itself to someone who is, without question, the most worthy creature to wield this godly blade and their need for this weapon is greatest (the DM must determine the cross purpose). As an action, you can cause the Templar Cross to gain the benefits of a Defender, on top of its regular benefits, for 1 minute. If the wielder attuned to it is a paladin, the cross, instead, will gain the benefits of a Holy Avenger for that duration. You can't use this property again until 3 days have passed.

Curse. If any evil aligned character touches this weapon, they are forced to make a DC 30 Charisma saving throw. Even if the attunement is broken or the weapon is no longer being held, the curse remains. On a failed save, you do not gain the full benefits of magical healing for 10d10 + 30 days or a long rest. Instead, they gain the half the benefits of magical healing and only gain the benefits of a short rest after completing a long rest. On a successful save, you are aware if you are told a lie but you cannot tell a lie in any form whether written, spoken or otherwise conveyed and must reveal any deception done to those around you. The changes wrought by the weapon aren't considered magical in nature (and therefore can't be dispelled), but they can be undone by nothing short of a wish spell.
Random Properties. The Templar Cross has the following random properties:

  • 2 minor beneficial properties
  • 2 major beneficial properties

Destroying the Templar Cross. This weapon is rendered powerless if used for an evil purpose. An example of such an evil purpose would be any but not limited to the following: killing a creature for no just cause, desecrating a hallowed place, or any other evil purpose determined by the DM.

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