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Martial Melee Weapons
Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Slabsword 100 gp 2d6 slashing 35 lbs. Heavy, reach, two-handed

A thick sheet of crude metal fashioned into an unruly greatsword. One end has been fashioned into a point and honed to a brutal edge, while the other has been heated and drawn into a tang to which adhesive resin as been applied before being leather-wrapped to form a secure hilt with as much reduced handshock was possible. The impact from this weapon is sure to create tremors.

Heavy : Small creatures have disadvantage on Attack rolls with heavy weapons. A heavy weapon’s size and bulk make it too large for a Small creature to use effectively.

Reach : This weapon adds 5 feet to your reach when you Attack with it, as well as when determining your reach for Opportunity Attacks with it.

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