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Weapon, artifact

The gonne is a device of terrible killing power, manufactured in the waning years of an artificer driven insane by his obsession for creating the ultimate ranged weapon. Its true name has since been lost to time, the current title being only an approximated scribble of the artificer's confused dying breath.

Weapon Properties. The gonne is a unique ranged weapon, having the light, loading, hidden, and ammunition (range 300/600) properties. It counts as a martial ranged weapon for the purposes of proficiency, and uses Dexterity instead of Strength for attack and damage rolls. On a hit, it deals magical piercing damage equal to 4d20 plus five times your Dexterity modifier. This damage penetrates any and all damage resistances or immunities.

Ammunition. The gonne requires lead pellets as ammunition, 1d20 + 10 of which are found alongside the gonne when it is first acquired.
Destroying the Gonne. The gonne is made of a mysterious dark alloy, stronger than even adamantine. It can be destroyed by melting it down under intense sustained heat, such as from a volcano, star, or particularly ticked off fire god.

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