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Wondrous Item (spell book), artifact

Created by the great goddess Ioun, this book expands the magical knowledge of those who read it. In order to read this tome, one must have at least one 5th level spell slot or their pact magic spell slots must be of 5th level. To gain the benefits of reading this tome, one must spend 12 hours over a seven day period studying its contents. Upon completion of this process, the reader gains access to the full spell list of any class of their choice, and the spells from this expanded spell list are treated as spells within your primary class. Additionally, the reader's Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma score and maximum increasses by 4 to a maximum of 30. Finally, if the reader has a list of known spells, they learn 6 additional spells or if the reader prepares spells from their class's spell list, they may prepare 6 additional spells. When the book is read, it is magically returned to Ioun for her to release it again at her discretion. If a creature has already read the Tome of Moon and Stars and by chance comes across it again, it will not open for them, as Ioun frowns upon the selfish hording of knowledge.
Destroying the Tome of Moon and Stars. This book cannot be destroyed, but Ioun may remove it from the plane on which it resides and return it to her realm. If one wishes for Ioun to take the book, they must write a chapter in the book detailing the dangers of such powerful magic at the time of its uncovering. Just the same as if the book was read, Ioun will return the Tome of Moon and Stars to the Prime Material plane at a time in which she believes that the knowledge contained within will be of aid to the kingdoms of man.

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