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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement)

Ferra, the goddess of knowledge, tended to write a lot on her travels across the multiverse, learning so many things, things about the creatures in every realm, magic of every realm, languages, even weaponry. She put all these thoughts and learnings into a journal that has been lost to time every since she dropped it between realms many years ago. No one knows where it went, but some speculated that her descendants are the only ones that will be able to find it and all her ramblings. If you are not attuned to the journal, it will appear to mean nothing, but when you become attuned to it, it will translate itself into a language you understand.
Ferra's Ramblings. Even though the knowledge of the multiverse is in the pages of the journal, it is hidden in things that people would think of as riddles, ramblings, nothings. Knowledge of magic, specifically. The journal holds every spell in existence, but many of the components of it are written in new languages Ferra may have been trying or Thieves' cant or druidic. The holder of the journal must make an Intelligence check to find a spell in their language that they can understand. If they succeed, no matter what class the spell belongs to, the holder can cast that spell as if it were in their class's spell list. The DC becomes higher for every level of spell, 15 for 1st level, 16 for 2nd, 17 for 3rd, 18 for 4th and so on. The holder must be able to cast the spell level of the spell they are looking for in order to know it.

Unpredictable Magic. When you cast a spell from the journal instead of your class's normal spell list, the spell has a 10% chance of targeting you instead of the intended recipient.

Knowledge of the Multiverse. More often than not, if you are attuned to the journal, you will be able to read descriptions of creatures, runes, societies, weapons, and other things in the multiverse. When attuned to this item, you have advantage on any Intelligence check that does not involve reading the journal itself.
Destroying the Ferra's Journal. To destroy the journal, all you have to do is subject it to lies. Writing a lie in the book, even something as simple as 2+2=22 will make the book burn itself in a furious fire. Tearing the pages does nothing to the book as the page will just appear somewhere else in the book.

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