The Hilt of Many Blades (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (any sword), Artifact (requires attunement)

The hilt of this blade is made of solid gold and is covered with various ancient primordial scripts involving the gods. Inlaid with sparking blood red rubies its appearance is enough to make anyone envious of the beauty of its craftsmanship. Upon holding the hilt a blade manifests. The blade always looks clean and appears to made out of many ancient interwoven metals. The blade shines like silver and has a golden edge. To determine which blade is manifested by the wielder roll on The Table of Blades. The weapon has the following properties.

Magic Weapon. The Hilt of Many Blades is a magical weapon that grants +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with it.

Blessings of The Forge.

- Full Counter. While wielding this weapon, upon being hit by either a magical or melee attack that requires a roll to hit against you, instead of taking the damage, you can use your reaction to reflect double the damage onto the attacker. You regain the use of this ability after a short rest.

- Awareness. While wielding this weapon, you are aware of all creatures within 60 feet of you, and you know their type and size category.

- Blessed Blade. When an enemy has half its max health or lower and you make a successful attack, the enemy becomes engulfed in golden flames. The flames deal 2d8 radiant damage and cannot be extinguished unless the enemy gets healed above half of their max health.

Sentience The Hilt of Many Blades is a sentient neutral weapon with an Intelligence of 14, a Wisdom of 12, and a Charisma of 18. It has hearing and darkvision out to a range of 120 feet. The weapon can speak, read, and understand the languages known by its wielder and can communicate with its wielder telepathically. Those who wield it hear the wise voice of a old deity.

Personality The Hilt of Many Blades is a standoffish, overconfident and inquisitive blade. It doesn't like talking to people, aside from its wielder. It generally has a positive outlook on life and laughs in the face of danger, always liking a challenge. It trusts his wielder easily but it takes time for it to trust party members. The Hilt of Many Blades seeks battle and combat to test itself, it doesn't mind being ruthless. It is easy to please with killing, murder, and treasure. It can also be pleased by a simple conversation from time to time as being trapped in an anvil locked in a tomb for thousands of years has made it realize how incredibly lonely it is. It energetically lusts to gather knowledge so that it may never fail its wielder. It values the life of its wielder and will do whatever it takes to protect them to continue the blood bathes its wielder provides. If left alone for more than a day it begins to feel lonely and will seek to impress its wielder demanding to be used in battle.
Random Properties. The The Hilt of Many Blades has the following random properties:

  • 1 minor beneficial property
  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

The Table of Blades

d6 Blade
1 Shortsword
2 Rapier
3 Longsword
4 Double-Bladed Sword
5 Bastardsword
6 Greatsword

Blade Properties.

  • Shortsword- 3d8 Slashing Damage. The sword also functions as a Vorpal Sword and a Dagger of Venom.
  • Rapier- 3d10 Piercing Damage. The sword also functions as a Dancing Sword and a Ring of Regeneration.
  • Longsword- 3d10 Slashing Damage. The sword also functions as a Ring of Evasion and a Sword of Wounding.
  • Double-Bladed Sword- 4d6 Slashing Damage. The sword also functions as a Sword of Life-Stealing and a Sword of Sharpness.
  • Bastardsword- 4d8 Slashing Damage. The sword also functions as a Flame Tongue and a Frost Brand.
  • Greatsword- 4d10 Slashing Damage. The sword also functions as a Belt of Fire Giant Strength and a Defender.

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