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Wondrous Item, artifact (requires attunement)

When Asmodeus deposed him, Lucifer, the former king of the Nine Hells, was torn asunder. His left eye, containing his wickedness and malice, was washed ashore to Faerun when his blood bubbled and dyed even the skies of Hell red for several days. His eye remains in the world, trading hands from wicked to worse. It tries to corrupt all who look upon it and drives them to madness to commit evil.

The eye takes the appearance of a bloodshot, draconic eyeball, crystallized into a ruby-like gem. A long time ago, one of its bearers created a plain gold amulet and set the eye into it, so he could carry it easier. From time to time, the eye seems to moving, perhaps looking for new servants to corrupt.

Hidden Evil. Abjuration magic masks the exact nature and properties of the eye, preventing its properties to be identified through the identify spell, although its evil power is palpable to every creature near it, causing good aligned creatures to feel nervous, while neutral and evil creatures feel an alluring power emanating from the eye.

All-Corrupting Power. If you finish attuning to the eye, you must make a DC 20 Charisma saving throw or be overcome by a berserk rage: You become violent towards any creature you can perceive, attacking them until you either do no longer see or a hear a living creature within 120 feet of you or until you are rendered incapacitated. You may repeat the saving throw at the end of each of your turns to end the effect and return to your senses. While attuned to the Eye of Lucifer, your alignment changes to chaotic evil, whether you succeeded on the saving throw or not.

Vestige of Power. This artifact has 13 charges. While attuned to it, you can, as a bonus action, expand 1 or more charges to cast the following spells from it (save DC 18): charm person (1 charge), scorching ray (2 charges) and eyebite (6 charges). The eye regains all its charges at midnight. The sentience that occupies the eye, not the attuned creature, can cast the wish spell and regains the ability to do so in one months time come midnight. The eye grants the wishes and desires of the attuned creature when it finds ways to twist the desires and wording of such wishes horrifically.

Sentient Item. A vestige of Lucifer's personality survives in the eye. The spirit has a Charisma score of 20, an Intelligence score of 17 and a Wisdom score of 14. It can speak, write and read all languages. It has hearing and truesight out to a range of 120. Its alignment is chaotic evil.

Personality. Whoever is deemed worthy by the eye is contact by its spirit, a sadistic monstrosity hellbent on spreading wanton chaos and destruction. It promises great power to its future wearer, claiming it can solve whatever their problems are, for a price, of course. While most are wise enough to not heed its offer immediately, it is a persuasive being, smart enough to wait for moments of weakness before restating its offer. If the person keeping it refuses to attune, it preys on the fear and greed of others instead, tempting them to turn upon the wielder by sowing false information about the guardian of the eye into the mind of others. It has no grand plan, only desiring to lay waste to all it can survey.

Destroying the Eye of Lucifer. To be truly rid of the eye, one must venture forth to find Lucifer's corpse in the deepest layers of Hell and put it back in his rotten corpse, thus reuniting it with his right eye and containing its curse. The corpse will then start to decay and rot away within several hours, forever freeing the world of the eye. However, Asmodeus has placed a pit fiend, among several other devilish minions, to guard the corpse, for reasons known only to himself.

The accursed Eye

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