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Weapon (Longsword), artifact (requires attunement by a human or half-human species with a good or neutral alignment)

A geometric styled falchion that glows a light blue when drawn, emitting dim light of up to 5 feet. The blade has parallelogram carvings on it that glow when activated and its cross-guard is made out of what seems to be Adamantium. The blade itself, while seemingly made out of steel, is immune to damage of any kind.

Legends of this blade tell of it being made by the first Humans, some even say it was there from the start of the world. Being found in many parts of the multiverse, this blade is made to stop those who wish to destroy their respective world. None know where this blade came from, but it always seems to find itself where it needs to be for a worthy wielder to find it. It glows with a near-holy light, some say its the will of Humanity to change fate distilled into magic, others say it's blessed by the gods themselves in order to stop a catastrophe. Those who know of the blade's existence know that if somebody is wielding it, there may be a near world-ending catastrophe happening fairly soon and the wielder is destined to stop it. Those who are trying to make a disaster come and know of the blade may want to try and kill the wielder.
Sentience. The sword has a male voice that can speak in Common, it can communicate telepathically, even when the chosen owner isn't even aware of this weapon and hasn't attuned to it. As well, the voice can appear in the chosen owner's dreams as a silver-haired human male.

Personality. The sword acts as a guide to the owner, giving them advice and leading them on the right path. Although, the blade is quite condescending and belittles the wielder for being a coward if they run or don't use them at all in a fight. They are Lawful Neutral.

Proficiency. If the owner doesn't have proficiency with longswords, the wielder gains proficiency with Fate Changer.

Ancient Strength. The owner has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon.

Visions of the Future. While attuned to this weapon, the owner gains one portent roll as specified in the School of Divination subclass. This applies even if they already have a portent roll or something similar. As well, the DM can give hints about the future in the owner's dreams.

Change Fate. While wielding this sword, the wielder can give an ally one of their portent (or similar) rolls as a reaction, whether to help them dodge/defend an attack (a low roll directed at their attacker), make an attack, or succeed a check/ability saving throw.

Whenever you give these portent rolls to yourself or an ally, the blade's glow changes to a specific a specific color: yellow for dodging/defending, red for making an attack, and green for succeeding a check/ability saving throw. This causes an effect around the person affected, that gives them the portent rolls effects such as a glowing shield when defending, or making their blade longer for attacking.

The Future Doesn't Belong To You. While glowing, this weapon deals double damage to a non-humanoid enemy or enemy type that is trying to destroy the world, the enemy or enemy type is chosen by the DM. If the enemy type is led by a god or some form of deity, if the deity drops to 0 hit points when hit with this weapon, they cannot come back to life and are effectively dead.
Destroying the Fate Changer. It can only be destroyed by the will of a deity that is not against the owner's goals or by a congregation of 100 humans to power a shatter spell against it.

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