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Armor (plate), artifact (requires attunement)

Incursio was an armor created from the flesh of an ancient dragon. The Danger Beast's power was so great that its flesh is still alive within, giving the title of Demon Dragon Armor, but as long as nobody uses it, is sealed in a white sword. While this armor is sealed, it is shaped like a sword and with short sword statistics.

Worthy. To unlock the armor for the first time, using it will have to raise your spirit to the maximum and shout "Incursio", the armor will respond if you are worthy. Roll a d100. If you roll higher than 70, you can use it and it will evolve to adapt to its new user. Otherwise, you incur 4 levels of exhaustion and you will have to make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save you take 10d10 force damage due to the spirit of the dragon crushing and devouring your body. On a successful save, you take no damage but instead gain an additional stack of exhaustion.

Dragon scales. This armor increases the attuned wearer's Armor Class by 2.

Blood Dragon. While wearing this armor and attuned to it, all your ability scores increase by 2, as does your maximum for the scores.

Flesh of the Dragon. While wearing this armor and attuned to it, you have resistance to all non-magical and magical damage.

Charges. This armor has three charges. After a charge has been expended, the armor does not regain them until the next dawn, when it regains all charges. You can expend charges as an action to induce the following effects:

Dragon wings (2 charges). You grow two wings from your back, granting you 30 feet of flying speed for 1 hour.
Invisible (1 charge). You cast the invisibility spell at 2nd-level, with a range of self.
Halberd (1 charge). You summon a halberd in your free hand. This weapon has the statistics of a normal halberd, but its damage is magical.

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