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Wondrous Item (Cloak), artifact (requires attunement)

A cloak made from the wings of ancient red and gold dragons. It was made by a forgotten king to be an equalizer against dragons. It is part of the Dragon Armaments with the Dragon Scales, the Dragon Claws, the Dragon Boots, the Dragon Helm, and the Dragon Fang.
The Dragon Mantle grants its wearer +1 to AC as well as resistance to fire, cold, lightning, acid, and poison

Flight The attuned creature gains a flight speed of 50 ft. While using this feature, the Dragon Mantle appears to become a pair of wings. This does not affect its abilities.

Cloak of Displacement While the attuned creature wears the Dragon Mantle, creatures have disadvantage when attacking them. If the wearer takes damage, this property ceases to function until the start of their next turn. This property is suppressed if the wearer is incapacitated, restrained, or cannot move.

Staff of the Magi The Dragon Mantle has 50 charges. It regains 4d6+2 charges each dawn. The wearer may use their reaction when a another creature cast a spell targeting the wearer. If they do, the Dragon Mantle negates the effects of the spell and regains a number of charges equal to the spells level. If this would bring the number of charges above 50, total stops at 50 and the wearer take 1d6 times the number of excess charges in force damage.
The attuned creature may spend an action to spend some of the Dragon Mantle's charged to cast one the the following spells, using their Intelligence as their spellcasting ability (Spell Save DC=8+Intelligence Modifier+Proficiency Bonus):

Spells :

Conjure Elemental (7 Charges)

Dispel Magic (3 Charges)

Fireball (as 7th level spell, 7 Charges)

Flaming Sphere (2 Charges)

Ice Storm (4 Charges)

Invisibility (2 Charges)

Knock (2 Charges)

Lightning Bolt (as 7th level spell, 7 Charges)

Passwall (5 Charges)

Planeshift (7 Charges)

Telekinesis (5 Charges)

Wall of Fire (4 Charges)

Web (2 Charges)

You can also use an action to cast one of the following spells without expanding any of the Mantle's charges : Arcane Lock ,Detect Magic , Enlarge/Reduce, Light, Mage Hand, Protection from Good and Evil.

Dragon Armament While attuned to the Dragon Mantle, the attuned creature may be attuned to the entire Dragon Armaments. They cannot be attuned to anything else and if they attuned to a non-Dragon Armament item while attuned to the entire Dragon Armaments, they are no longer attuned to the Dragon Armaments. If a creature is attuned to the entire Dragon Armaments, they may take an action to transform into an Ancient Dragon of their choice. The transformation takes one round. They keep their Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, but all other stats, as well as their traits and features that a dragon is unable to use are replaced by the normal dragon stats, traits, features, etc. When transforming, anything they are carrying may be either absorbed into or carried by their new form. While a dragon, they do not have any of the effects from the Dragon Armaments, aside from this ability, as well as the Dragon Scales' Armor of Invulnerability ability, the Dragon Claws' Spellguard Shield ability, and the Dragon Fang's Luck Blade ability (charges carry over). While in dragon form, they may take an action to revert back to their normal form, once they do so, they cannot use this ability again until they complete a long rest.
Random Properties. The Dragon Mantle has the following random properties:

  • 1 major beneficial property
  • 1 minor detrimental property

Destroying the Dragon Mantle. Destroying the Dragon Mantle requires a creature attuned to the entire Dragon Armaments to willingly be defeated by a dragon. If done, the Dragon Armaments will collapse into a pile of dragon leather, scales, bones, claws, and fangs.

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