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Wondrous Item, artifact

The One Channel Radio appears as a seemingly ordinary radio device. When turned on, the radio will speak in a male voice, telling the listener that it will use its musical degree for better or worse. If one tries to change the channel, one will realize that all knobs are cosmetic, aside from on/off.
Brian the Singer. The voice inside the One Channel Radio is a fully sentient being, presumably some kind of trapped soul. His name is Brian, and he wishes only for people to listen to his music. Brian is Lawful Neutral with an Intelligence and Wisdom of 12 and a Charisma of 16. He has normal vision and hearing out to 30 ft. and can speak and read Common.

Bardic Gifts. Brian seems to be imbued with bardic magic, and can bestow it upon his listeners as a reward for hearing his songs. He can sing a song for 1 minute. At the end of that minute, every friendly creature within 30 ft. of him that could hear him for the whole duration of the song rolls 1d100, and gains one of the following benefits depending on the result:

01-70: For 1 hour, any time the target makes an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, they can roll a d6 and add the result to the roll. After doing so, this feature cannot be used again unless the One Channel Radio bestows it once more.

71-90: The One Channel Radio casts Haste on the target, which lasts the whole duration.

91-99: The One Channel Radio casts Power Word Heal on the target.

00: The target can cast Wish one time, without expending slots.

Listener's Curse. The one who turns on the One Channel Radio is bound to the artifact. The radio cannot be turned off manually, and if the bound creature leaves the radio behind, it will teleport to that creature after 1 minute has passed. Dispel Magic or Remove Curse cast on the One Channel Radio with a slot of 5th level or higher will turn the radio off, ending the binding curse. The next creature who turns the radio back on will receive this curse, however.
Destroying the One Channel Radio. The One Channel Radio can only be destroyed by necromancy that destroys souls, turning it into a normal (broken) radio. Otherwise, the item is impervious to all physical harm and lasts forever, as long as Brian's soul remains inside of it.

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