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Ring, artifact (attunement required)

The Ring of Single Speech is an ornate bronze ring that bares a pair of lips.

This ring affects the languages of the wearer, it restricts the languages that the user knows to only one. The wearer can speak and hear this language expertly however can not hear or speak any other.

Attunement. The ring takes 2 minutes (20 turns) to attune to every time that it is used. When the wearer takes the ring off they will be unable to interpret any language that is spoken to them for 10 minutes (100 turns).

Narrow Interpretation. Once the wearer has attuned themselves with the ring they will be able to choose a single language that they know of, which exists on the plane that the wearer is currently on: the user chooses this language focusing their mind. The language that they choose is now the only one that the wearer can speak and interpret, the ring prevents the ability of the wearer to interpret and speak languages that they would otherwise know if they were not attuned to the ring.

Verbal Incomprehension . Whilst wearing the ring it does not impede the wearers ability to case magic that uses voice. However if the wearer attempts to speak telepathically or is spoken to via this means, the wearer is unable to understand and their voice and voices they can hear (which is not the language they chose) appear unintelligent and scrambled.

Written communication. This ring does not affect reading written script. The wearer is unable to read the language they have chosen only speak it, and is able to read and write in languages that they would usually understand.


This ring was created by a human that earned his living via being a translator in a once great city. He was adept in most languages and offered his services to wealthy tourists as well as diplomats. He created the ring from a desire to be an expert in all languages, however the creation process failed and only allowed one language to spoken and heard at a single time. Realising the mistake that he made with the ring he set to work trying to create another; he was unable to ever create the item that he had set out to make. He was haunted down by a artificer and his soul was captured in a ring for the which utilised his language skills and was later made into the Ring of the Linguist.

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