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Weapon (longbow), artifact (requires attunement by an elf)

This yew bow is more a work of art than a weapon of war, though it can be used in battle very effectively. Fine engravings dance over the beautifully polished wood, and the bowstring seems twined with threads of gold.

To any race but that of elf, this finely crafted bow seems no more than any other, aside from its beauty, with no special properties other than durability and never needing cleaning or even care in general. In the hands of an elf, however, its magic comes to life, and begins resonating with the wielder, its power growing with theirs.

--When an elf attunes to this weapon, it gains a +1 enhancement bonus. When the wielder reaches a proficiency bonus of +4 (or 1d8, if using proficiency dice), this enhancement bonus becomes +2. When the wielder reaches a proficiency bonus of +6 (or 1d12), this enhancement bonus becomes +3.

--While the enhancement bonus for this weapon is +1 or greater, the wielder may chose to deal extra damage on a successful attack once per round. The damage is a number of dice equal to their proficiency bonus of the same size dice as their proficiency dice (a level 3 would have 2d4, for example).

--While the enhancement bonus is +2 or greater, the bow gains the spell-storing property, and may have up to two first level spells, or one second level spell stored in it, that has a casting time of no more than 1 action. Casting the spell is a bonus action, or a reaction, if that is the normal casting time of the spell.

--While the enhancement bonus is +3, the wielder treats its base damage dice as 3d12, and as part of their attack that turn, may choose to gain advantage on their first attack roll."

--While attuned to this bow, it drives the owner to never retreat from any conflict with orcs or trolls, no matter the danger. The owner must make a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw if it attempts to retreat from battle with any hostile orc or troll. If it fails, it must continue using its actions to attack or otherwise combat the enemy, though it can continue to maintain range. It it succeeds, it may flee, but has disadvantage on all skill checks, ability checks, and saving throws for the next 24 hours that are not directly involved in returning to the fight and killing the enemy that was retreated from.

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