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Artificer Spells

0-Level Spells

  • Static Armor You generate a shocking aura on a willing creature's armor that damages attackers.
  • Concealment, Variant You magically draw attention away from a singular, small item on your person.
  • Label Place a small permanent magical label on an item. The label can be seen by any spell caster or magical creature.
  • Label, Variant Place a permanent magical label on an item. The label can be seen by any creature which can use spells or spell-like abilities.
  • Amanuensis You point at the writing and then move your hand as though holding a stylus or quill. As you intone the spell, the script appears on a sheet of paper close at hand.
  • Arcane Blade Imbue a weapon with arcane energy.
  • Attack Bonk!
  • Can't Trip You magically resist being knocked off balance.
  • Charged Blade You infuse a melee weapon with arcane energy, guiding your strikes with it.
  • Condense/Suffuse Condense various coins into a coin of equal value, or suffuse the value of one coin into several other coins
  • Control Electricity You take a portion of static charge and manipulate it in one of the following ways...
  • Destroy Wall Destroy a wall with a corrosive slime
  • Enhancement A simple Cantrip to enhance Metal Weapons
  • Forge Radiance
  • Mage Strike Use magic to pull your weapon towards your target for you.
  • Magic Card Turn ordinary playing cards into deadly weapons.
  • Metabolic Boost A "healing" cantrip.
  • Minor Stasis A light object or creature is stopped in time until touched.
  • Mordenkainen's Magnificent Magical Mauling You channel pure magical energy into your hands to causing them to glow brightly become extremely sharp.
  • Origamist You control the folding of paper into a new form, infusing magic into its creation.
  • Reinforce Armament Strengthen the power of light & finesse weapons made of metal, using your spellcasting ability.
  • Reinforce Arms You make a weapon you touch magical and do more consistent damage for a period of time.
  • Remedy You can treat wounds and illnesses afflicting creatures.
  • Spectral Throw Throw a ghostly duplicate of your melee weapon.
  • Weld Weld metal together with just a touch!
Needs Work

1st-Level Spells

  • Celebrimbor's Battle Glyph A more fighting efficient glyph of warding.
  • Corazon's Tiny Glyph A smaller, more efficient Glyph of Warding.
  • Force Armor You touch a willing creature who isn't wearing armor, and a protective magical force surrounds it until the spell ends. The target's base AC becomes 13 + its Intelligence modifier. The spell ends if the target dons armor or if you dismiss the spell as an action.
  • Mist of Inhibition A translucent magical fog settles around you, impeding motion.
  • Shield of Stasis You create an invisible barrier of stasis in front of a creature or object that intercepts spells, creatures, projectiles, etc. and traps them in time.
  • Allowance Create money when you need it, consequences be damned.
  • Arcane Tether Conjure a rope that brings two things together
  • Blade Surge You manifest an ethereal aura that turns into an energy weapon to protect you from attackers, hurting them in the process.
  • Blue Shield Basically a ridable Tenser's Floating Disk.
  • Bullet Channel the power of Gun Magic™!
  • Conjure Gemstone You can conjure a gemstone.
  • Ethereal Forge You conjure a weapon into your hand.
  • Hot Dogs
  • Isaz the Ice Rune A Rune that when infused with magic can create several effects related to cold energy.
  • Kaunan the Fire Rune A powerful sentient fire Rune which can create explosive traps, bless weapons and armor or curse enemies
  • Moist Flame A dripping flame appears in your hand.
  • Razor Storm You are the Storm. A flash of metal as you hold your weapon out between your hands and magical copies of it strike out against all around you.
  • Rewind Want to go to that spot you were in 6 seconds ago? Go right ahead with this spell!
  • Volatile Vortex Spin a weapon wildly around the battlefield, damaging anyone who comes near.
  • Attract Object A simple trick most people learn as a starting point to magic. Attracting an object to your hand.
  • Deliberate Surge You pull magic from the weave and release it into the world, causing a surge.
  • Dongle's All-Purpose Mending A general purpose spell, invented by Dongle, that combines the effects of Cure Wounds and Mending, to a certain extent.
  • Erratic Bolt A wild and unstable bolt of electricity arcs from your fingertips towards a creature of your choice in range.
  • Heart Jumpstart Revive or heal an ally from the brink of death using electricity
  • Last Words Go out with a witty one-liner and a bang. Or just a bang, that works too.
  • Lee's Fume Punch Channel forth your anger in the form of a pillar of flame from your fist.
  • Misinterpreted Color Spray A wash of colorful mist inexplicably does ludicrous amounts of damage to foes.
  • Pixie's Gale Evoke the power of wind to fling creatures and objects away from yourself.
  • Rock Splash Chuck a big rock at somebody and hit them with shrapnel.
  • Sand Impact
  • Shocking Blast Release a burst of electricity that fries your opponents.
  • Step Into Darkness Shift through darkness with pretanutral speed.
  • Thunder Shock Last Resort An extremely powerful lighting spell last resort option.
  • Thundershock Unleash paralyzing shocks of electricity.
  • Water Jet A jet of steaming hot water launches forth from your wrist
  • Blood Lust You sacrifice some blood to increase the power of your weapon attacks.
  • Cell Decomposition You cause a creature's cells to gradually deteriorate.
  • Death Grip You seize the essence of a creature in range and pull it towards you.
  • Skull Goblet Create a goblet out of a skull that will detect a poison drink and tell the creator about it.
  • Arcane Battery You can create a multipurpose arcane battery.
  • Arcane Crush Cripple a creature that you are holding further.
  • Coinify What are you supposed to do when you have all metal and no coins?
  • Construct Homunculus Few can find a good familiar that they can trust, and even fewer can find one's that are able to remain connected at all times.
  • Create Magic Item You create a magical item instantaneously, which varies in power based on the spell level.
  • Fling Self You fling yourself in a direction with considerable force.
  • Log to Lumber Invoke magic to transform a log into an equal amount of lumber for 5 silver a pound
  • Magical Spell Tinkering A spell version of Artificer's magical tinkering, but for use with spells.
  • Manipulate Metal Bend and shape metal into usable forms.
  • Might of Annam Call upon magic learned- or perhaps stolen- from the giants to deliver a devastating strike.
  • Miniature Fabricate Fabricate! But much smaller.
  • Molten Blades Your weapons glow red hot, burning your enemies on contact.
  • Phase Causes the caster to be able to move through some solid matter as if it was a liquid.
  • Poison Blood The blood flowing trough the creature's body becomes poison.
  • Quill Hide Long quills sprout from the target’s body, dealing damage on contact.
  • Repair Repair an object or restore hit points to a construct.
  • Stasis Mine You choose a bit of space to arm with a stasis mine. When you activate it, it causes anyone inside it to be harmed and stopped in time.
  • Stone Spike You cause stone spikes to raise from the ground underneath up to three creatures of your choice on the ground within range.
  • Swift Strike You infuse a weapon with the ability to be swing slightly quicker.
  • Sword Split You split a sword into two smaller swords or fuse two smaller swords into one larger one.
  • Transcription Magically copy or translate a page of text and/or images onto another page.
  • Transmute Coins You transform coins into other coins!
  • Vengeful Trinket Enchant a trinket that absorbs damage and releases it as magical force.
Needs Work
  • Power Word Imprison Capture and command creatures for your protection.
  • Ryomen's Cleave A spell created by a four-armed demon to butcher the living in one-fell-swoop. It adjusts itself to match their level.

2nd-Level Spells

  • Air Shield Create a shield of air to protect yourself
  • Arcane Defense Defend against physical damage.
  • Fall Control You give your party protection from falling damage.
  • Icebound Fortitude Fortify your defenses with the power of cold.
  • Projectile Style You touch each other with your hand and thus gain resistance to magical projectiles.
  • Redemption, Variant You touch up to three willing creatures. For the duration, any damage taken by these creatures is halved, and you take the other half of the damage.
  • Redistribute Impact When you strike the ground, yiu create a transfer which moves all of the force into the ground surrounding you.
  • Redistribute Impact, Variant When you strike the ground, you transfer all the force you create and shift it into your surroundings.
  • Reprisal Blitz Power up your next attack based off how hurt you are.
  • Spell Shield You imbue a creature with a magical barrier of protection, modifying their AC.
  • Assay You touch a point on a solid surface and determine the mineral content of a 5-foot cube originating from that point.
  • Bone Lore Hold a piece of bone. The spell brings to your mind a brief summary of the significant events in the life of the creature it came from.
  • Detect Elements Locate the presence of elements in the enviroment around you.
  • Clockwork Sphere You create and direct a sphere of clockwork to impose order on your enemies.
  • Cutter Boomerang Throw a spinning blade, which flies straight back to you.
  • Detonate Set down a few of these orbs, and then detonate them when the time is right!
  • Flight of Fire You thrust out your arms and flames burst from the undersides of your arms, propelling you into the air.
  • Raddik's Weakest Link Launch a small bolt of homing lightning, which goes after the easiest target first.
  • Rejuvenate Convert temporary hit points into recovered hit points.
  • Rumplestiltskin´s Rainbow Blast <!-.-->Scorching ray is terrible, so use this instead!
  • Sky-Pierce Lance Conjure a bolt of power which can reach for miles.
  • Twin Sand Attack
  • Warp Lightning You conjure a storm of green lightning from above the point you choose within range, bolts that slam into anyone beneath the green lightning storm, crackling bolts of energy that rip through armor and flesh alike.
  • Bronip's Orbiting Hammer You cause a warhammer to fly around you.
  • Change Sex You attempt to change one target to another sex.
  • Chitin Chain Build a network of defensive barriers for noncombatants.
  • Crystallized Spell You imbue a spell within a crystal.
  • Delay, Variant Cast a spell, later.
  • Elemental Hex A potent hex that weakens a creature's resistance to the elements.
  • Heighten Mobility Magically enhance your athletic abilities.
  • Incorporeal Object You cause an object to phase out of physical existence.
  • Major Stasis You point at a creature or object within range that weighs 2,000 pounds or less and cause it to become stopped in time.
  • Minor Fabricate You convert raw materials into products of the same material. For example, you can fabricate a wooden bridge from a clump of trees, a rope from a patch of hemp, and clothes from flax or wool.
  • Moon-Touched Weapon Imbue the energy of the moon into a weapon or ammunition temporarily.
  • Ommon's Heat Exchange Drain heat from an area and creatures in it, and direct it into a metal object or into another spell.
  • Pictograph You transmute a sheet of parchment you hold to flawlessly portray a flat depiction of what you see when you cast the spell.
  • Planar Arrow strengthen a batch of arrows to hit even through the planes
  • Reinforcement A spell that reinforces the body and muscles of its targets
  • Reinforcement, Variant A spell that reinforces the body and muscles of its targets
  • Respirance Draw upon the power of elemental air to save yourself from suffocation.
  • Riddle’s Repulsion Create an invisible force field that repeals matter around the caster.
  • Sun-Touched Weapon Imbue the energy of the sun into a weapon temporarily.
  • Swift Blade You make a blade you touch swift and easy to wield.
  • Toshaka's Gift Imbue a stone with your own magical potential.
  • Transmogrification Alter the appearance and certain basic properties of a piece of equipment.
Needs Work

3rd-Level Spells

  • A-Bomb Command a construct to launch an acid bomb that corrodes enemy armor.
  • Backstep You constantly warp back to the location you casted.
  • Blocking Blade You summon a blade of mystical energy to protect creatures around you.
  • Blood Parasite Conjure a horrible bloodsucker, which eats away at a creature from the inside.
  • Blood Swarm You summon a large quantity of blood-seeking ooze.
  • Conjure Bladestorm You animate several swords, which then fight for you.
  • Conjure Minigun You conjure an energy minigun, which is ready to blast your enemies.
  • Conjure Potion of Healing Summon a potion of healing!
  • Fog Bank You create a 20-foot-radius, 20-foot-high cylinder of fog centered on a point within range.
  • Materialize Trap Summon traps that are yours to command for once!
  • Summon Smith Will Smith will give your opponent a smack.
  • A Little Help You reach into the collective consciousness of the world and ask for a little help.
  • Analyze Creature Figure out how tough something is!
  • Ascertain Inventory A simple but useful spell to quickly ascertain the general contents of nearby containers.
  • Coin Lore Hold a coin. The spell brings to your mind a brief summary of significant transactions in which the coin was involved.
  • Post’s Glaring Optic You create an invasive arcane sensor to study the anatomy of a creature within range.
  • Shift Balance You call into the power of Mechanus to alter the balance of chance, favoring some people over others.
  • Message to the Masses Stringing together a message, you reach every sentient mind in range.
  • Soul Gem, Create Enchant a gem with the power to house a soul
  • Youngblood Give someone a refreshing de-aging brain massage. Also, you can decrease their mental age if you want to.
  • Arcane Barrage You conjure a barrage of magical bullets to assault your enemies.
  • Cure Heavy Wounds A creature you touch regains a number of hit points equal to 4d8 + your spellcasting modifier and gains 1d6 temporary hit points.
  • Dragon Rises from the Sea You swing your weapon, as waves of energy leap from the swing.
  • Hado 31 You launch a Ball Made of spiritual pressure, exploding in a large wave of fire.
  • Ice Rupture Touching one frozen creature, their body is irreparably shattered
  • Kaleido Star Cannon The star is concentrated and pressed into a fist sized ball, then several rings are created, the size of 3 feet, in front of you in the predetermined direction and you discharge a beam of light 5 feet wide and envelopes everything in a 1000 feet line, any creature caught in its trajectory makes a Dexterity saving throw . A creature that fails the save takes radiant damage + fire damage + force damage, or takes only half as much damage on a successful one.
  • Lightning Stake Stake an enemy with a bolt of explosive lightning.
  • Quietus Beam You create several beams of magical force.
  • Radiant Death Overload a creature with positive energy, potentially killing them.
  • Sandblast, variant Create a blast of sand that erodes enemies and objects.
  • Grum's Stinky Steed Your trusty steed has died, no problem, it will now serve you in death! We have the Necrotic Energy!
  • Organic Graft Graft your foes limbs on to yourself and others.
  • Scarecrow A scarecrow imbued with fear magic that seeps into the surrounding area appears in an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see within range and lasts for the duration.
  • Wither Time ends all things.
Needs Work

4th-Level Spells

  • Elemental Blessing Rune Places a rune on an ally or willing creature that grants elemental immunity and elemental damage of caster's choice.
  • Bakudo 81 You summon a wall made of spiritual pressure to block Ranged attacks or spells.
  • F-Bomb You command your construct to launch a bomb with a random effect.
  • Kinetic Fusillade Create a stream of projectiles that you direct.
  • Laborer's Bane Eliminate payrolls and invalidate manual labor jobs with this one simple spell.
  • Poison Kill a spray of poison hits the target
  • Storm of Swords Creates a tornado of swords that surround the caster.
  • Genetic Reshuffle Turn normal people into massive blobs of meat.
  • Hell’s Gaze You emit a horrid glare, enough to blind those that make eye contact.
  • Jumpstart Temporarily cause a person to die in order to fully revive them.
  • Shell Bomb Send forth an animated explosive shell to decimate a far-away foe.
Needs Work

5th-Level Spells

  • Kinetic Redistribution Create a magical barrier which absorbs the impacts of damage, and can transform into a weapon.
  • 8 Sauce Supreme By Speaking “8 Sauce Supreme!” And ringing the bell once, a single sauce will appear in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of you. It may not immediately obvious where it is.
  • Conjure Ordinance Create an artillery piece, which rains hell upon your enemies.
  • Dellmudes Hammer You create a massive hammer of glowing red force in an unoccupied space you can see within range.
  • Far Jaunt Teleport a very large distance.
  • Hado 90 You summon a large black box made of spiritual pressure, and hurt anything that was caught inside of it
  • Marvin's Gutterball Conjure a massive ball of explosives, which smashes through cover with ease.
  • Petty Wish Cast a petty wish to fill some small desire of yours
  • Plumbophoresis You magick a 5 foot cube of lead into existence.
  • Road Roller summon the almighty road roller to flatten your enemies
  • Blasting Beam A thin, blindingly bright sliver of light instantly streaks from your fingertips to any creature or surface, exploding at the point of contact.
  • Goldweaver's Ray You charge for a few seconds, and release a massive swarm of force bolts.
  • Shock Coil Emit a powerful field of electricity surrounding you.
  • Slogo's Shotgun You conjure a large shotgun made of pure force energy to blast your opponents.
  • Swift Blade Bane A slashing force that powers your blade, infusing it with magical power.
  • Thaumic Irridiation Blast a line of magical radiation that disintegrates its unfortunate victims.
Needs Work
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