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Design Note

This spell is a lesser version of a spell that appears in some older official D&D supplements, including 'TSR 2168 Wizard's Spell Compendium' pages 509-510. And has been adapted to 5e.

Lesser Mojo Transfer (Lesser Life Force Transfer)
5th-level Necromancy (ritual)
Casting time: 1 minute
Range: Self, Touch
Components: Spell focus. object
Duration: Permanent

Upon completion of this long incantation, the caster permanently transfers a creature’s life force (even his or her own) into an item or object. A subject may choose to roll to save. A successful spell save of either Constitution or Wisdom negates the spell. The object can be any non-living thing, but usually is a small container that is warded against dispelling or revoking. Once the transfer has been completed, the subject’s body falls into a cataleptic state, and remains in a death-like trance or coma for 2 to 7 days, and then dies, if the body has not died already. The life force is permanently trapped within the physical object and cannot escape, except through the use of the reverse of the spell or higher level spells like Life Force Transfer or Magic Jar that can transfer the soul to a body or other other object from the receptacle.

While in the physical object, the subject can perform any action permitted by the new form. The subject can communicate with the user when the object is held or worn properly. The extent of communication depends on the subject’s Intelligence.

Intelligence score: 3-11 None, 12-13 Semi-Empathy, 14-16 Empathy, 17+ Telepathy, 20+ Audible.

Individuals of low or average Intelligence cannot communicate, and those of above-average Intelligence can communicate using a primitive form of empathy (usually limited to a throb or tingle of varying intensity), empathy, or telepathy. If the subject has superior intelligence of 20 or more (or if the receptacle is cursed), the subject may speak audibly from the object or use telepathy. At the discretion of the DM, the life force might animate a specially prepared statue or golem, or be used in a construct, like a Warforged.

This spell is most often used by Witch Doctors to imbue items with magical properties or to save a soul from death, or to trap a soul so it is imprisoned. Unlike the greater spell, the subject cannot try to possess others from the receptacle. A different spell of higher level or of a different nature is needed for the soul to possess another object or person.

The reverse of this spell, Revoke Lesser Mojo Transfer, requires the receptacle, and the body of the subject. Both must be touched. The spell must be cast before the subject's body physically dies (or within 2-7 days of the original separation), the reversal process requires a system shock roll of DC 10 Constitution in order to be successful. If failed (or if the body has already perished), the newly released life force dissipates, and the subject dies. Also, if the receptacle is destroyed before the soul has left it, the subject dies.

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