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Label, Variant
Illusion cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Until dispelled

Write, Move, Remove, or Rewrite a small permanent magical label on an object:

  • Write - a label that can be seen by any creature capable of using spells or spell-like abilities. The label can be in any language that the caster knows. The language must have a known alphabet or other writing system to write with. The label itself is simply an aura designated to the item, and is not itself considered an item or an object. A label can, however, be targeted with any spell which could target an item (so long as the effect of said spell could reasonably apply to an intangible label).
  • Move - a label from one item to another. The caster must touch both objects simultaneously.
  • Remove - a label from an item.
  • Rewrite - a label on an item.

Any creature that can cast spells or use spell-like abilities can see the label and read it, as long as they know the written language. They must touch the item in order to do so. Furthermore, a nonmagical creature can see this label if they are under the effect of a magic item which allows them to see magical auras, magically hidden objects, or objects on the ethereal plane.

When writing or rewriting a label at lower levels, the character limit (including spaces and punctuation) is 24. At 5th level, it increases to 36; at 11th, it becomes 48; and at 17th, it becomes 60.

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