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Illusion cantrip
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: Until dispelled

Write, Move, Remove, or Rewrite a small permanent magical label on an object:

  • Write - a label that can be seen by any spell caster on an item. The label can be in any mundane language that the caster knows. The label may be up to 64 characters including spaces and punctuation, and must have at least 3 visible characters. The language must have a known alphabet or syllabary to write with. The label itself can not be considered an item or an object, and can not be targeted with anything except an illusion or an abjuration spell. An object may have more than one label.
  • Move - a label from one item to another. The caster must touch both objects simultaneously.
  • Remove - a label (you may also use any abjuration spell that can target it).
  • Rewrite - a label (you may also use any illusion spell that can target it).
  • Read - Any creature that can cast spells can see the label, and read it if they know the written language. Creatures with spell like abilities (such as gnomes, dragons, dragonborne, drow etc.) can so this too. Paladins, rangers, and other classes that start without casting spells can only see the label when they reach a level where they can start casting spells. The label can not be seen if the item itself is invisible or hidden in some way.
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