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The world of Avatar is primarily filled with hybrids of various real world animals, with each region having its own creatures.

Air Nomad Creatures[edit]

  • Flying Bison — Large, flying mammal sacred to the Air Nomads as the original Air Benders.
  • Winged Lemur — Flying black and white primate kept as a pet.

Water Tribe[edit]

  • Arctic Hippo — Mammal that lives in the South Pole and is hunted for its blubber.
  • Dolphin Piranha — A marine animal capable of eating humans.
  • Koala Otter — Oceanic mammal with gray fur and large ears.
  • Otter Penguin — Penguin with four flippers used for sledding.
  • Tiger Seal — Striped brown seal.
  • Tiger Shark — A powerful animal that is a cross between a tiger and a shark.
  • Turtle Seal — Brown seal with a hard shell, native to the North Pole.
  • Arctic Camel — A thick furred, two humped animal from the Southern Water Tribe used for transportation.
  • Arctic Hen — Arctic bird bred for its meat in the Southern Water Tribe; tastes similar to the possum chicken.
  • Buffalo Yak — Four-legged, furry, horned mammal used for transportation.
  • Mink Snake — Lives in the South Pole; known to bite humans.
  • Polar Bear Dog — A large, four-legged wild carnivore; it was historically feared and hunted by the Water Tribe, but can be tamed.
  • Polar Leopard — White leopard that preys on turtle seals; used for clothing in the Southern Water Tribe.
  • Snow Leopard Caribou — Large feline used as a mount by warriors in the South Pole.

Earth Kingdom[edit]

  • Armadillo Lion — Armadillo and lion cross.
  • Badger Mole — Enormous, subterranean blind mammals; the original Earth-benders.
  • Beetle Worm — Worm and beetle hybrid that is occasionally used as an ingredient in soup.
  • Boar-Q-Pine — Large wild boar covered in sharp, detachable spines.
  • Buzzard Wasp — Enormous flying insect that resides within the Si Wong Rock.
  • Cabbage Slug — Small yet destructive agricultural pest.
  • Camelephant — Four-legged mammal with a long nose; used for transportation.
  • Canyon Crawler — Insectoid, six-eyed, omnivorous creatures native to the Great Divide.
  • Cat Owl — Large, predatory bird with feline facial features.
  • Cat Gator — Fierce reptile endemic to the Foggy Swamp and characterized by its feline barbells.
  • Crane Fish — Noisy birds found near coastlines.
  • Creeping Slime — An algae-like mass that crawls up the walls of the sewers in Omashu.
  • Deer Dog — Domesticated canine with antlers found in the Si Wong Desert.
  • Dragonfly — Flying, serpentine lizard that resembles a dragon.
  • Eel Hound — Amphibious four-legged creature; used for quick transportation over both land and water.
  • Elbow Leech — Enormous parasitic worm that attaches to elbows and feeds on human blood.
  • Elephant Koi — Massive oceanic koi fish.
  • Elephant Mandrill — Mandrill and elephant cross.
  • Elephant Rat — Black rodent with a large snout.
  • Fire Ferret — Red arboreal mammal common to bamboo forests.
  • Flying Fishopotamus — Combination of a hippo and a fish that people often ride for entertainment.
  • Fox Antelope — Horned four-legged herbivore with a tail.
  • Gemsbok Bull — Stocky brown animal with large horns.
  • Giant Fly — Giant bug regularly consumed by the Foggy Swamp Tribe.
  • Giant Night Crawler — Giant worm.
  • Giant Rhinoceros Beetle — Giant beetle; used for transportation.
  • Gilacorn — Small desert-dwelling, egg-stealing lizard.
  • Glowfly — Bioluminescent fly.
  • Goat Dog — Small, shaggy, white canine kept as a pet.
  • Gopher Bear — Cross between a gopher and a bear.
  • Goat Gorilla — Aggressive primate which inhabits secluded mountains and woodland; are sometimes held in captivity and tamed.
  • Hermit Marmoset — Chimerical creature with a strong shell that can last for centuries, which is often collected by shell connoisseurs.
  • Hog Monkey — Forest-dwelling ape with a squashed face.
  • Hopping Llama — Presumably a llama that can hop, as the name implies.
  • Hoppy Possum — Cross between a frog and a possum.
  • Horned Toad — Large amphibian with black horns.
  • Hybrid Pigs — Includes the wooly-pig, moo-sow, picken, pigster, pig deer, bull pig, and pig chicken.
  • Iguana Parrot — Green reptilian bird with large talons.
  • Leech-A-Pillar — Leech and caterpillar cross.
  • Lop-Eared Rabbit — Nimble rabbit with long, drooping ears.
  • Ostrich Horse — Large brown bird commonly used for transportation.
  • Platypus Bear — Bear with a large bill and flat tail; lays edible eggs.
  • Poodle Monkey — Domesticated simian pet.
  • Possum Chicken — Bird hunted in the Foggy Swamp; tastes similar to arctic hen.
  • Prickle Snake — Serpentine creature which is known to hide in sleeping bags, posing a danger to its occupier.
  • Purple Pentapus — Small cephalopod with five tentacles.
  • Pygmy Puma — Smaller and sleeker species of puma bred for and adapted to living in a compact city environment.
  • Quilled Chameleon — Reptile found in the densely forested regions.
  • Rabaroo — Cross between a rabbit and kangaroo; young rabaroos are nurtured in their mothers' pouch.
  • Saber-Tooth Moose Lion — Moose and lion cross; cubs are not aggressive, but mature females are protective of their young.
  • Sand Shark — Massive shark-like predator that inhabits the inner regions of the Si Wong Desert.
  • Screeching Bird — White and gray bird with a shrill, piercing call.
  • Sea Vulture — Scavenger bird that inhabits the western coast of the Earth Kingdom.
  • Pass Serpent — Large aquatic creature that inhabits the East and West Lakes and is capable of dismantling a Fire Nation cruiser.
  • Se Tu — Large green catfish.
  • Scorpion Bee — Flying insect that gathers in large swarms and stings ferociously when aggravated.
  • Shirshu — Large, eyeless mammal with a pink, star-shaped nose; has a keen sense of smell used for tracking and navigation.
  • Singing Groundhog — Small, brown, and furry rodent with a musical call.
  • Skunk Bear — Cross of a skunk and a bear.
  • Skunk Fish — Foul-smelling, oily fish.
  • Spider Snake — Ten-eyed chimerical creature known to inhabit the Earth Kingdom. In gambling, rolling two fives is known as "spider snake eyes".
  • Spider Wasp — Cross between a spider and a wasp; known to have inhabited Yu Dao.
  • Unagi — Enormous eel that inhabits the South Sea near Kyoshi Island.
  • Viper Bat — Serpent-like creature with bat wings found in caves.
  • Wolfbat — Large, snub-nosed bat that resides within the Cave of Two Lovers.
  • Wood Frog — Amphibian with medicinal properties.

Fire Nation[edit]

  • Badger Frog — Green and brown frog with a trim of white fur.
  • Flying Dolphin Fish — A cross between a dolphin and a flying fish; can be used for recreational purposes.
  • Iguana Seal — Green aquatic reptile characterized by its unusual call.
  • Turtle Crab — Crab with a protective turtle shell.
  • Turtle Duck — Duck with a protective green shell.
  • Dragon — Large, flying reptile with a long body; the original firebenders.
  • Lion Vulture — Vulture and lion cross.
  • Raven Eagle — Avian animal that can be trained to intercept messenger hawks.
  • Aardvark Sloth — Used in the Sun Warriors' ancient city to clean off slime.
  • Armadillo Bear — Large bear with a hard, segmented shell.
  • Cave Hopper — White arthropod with four legs.
  • Dragon Moose — Used for pulling carriages.
  • Elephant Rat — Elephant and rat cross.
  • Hippo Cow — Domesticated omnivorous mammal with black spots.
  • Koala Sheep — Koala and sheep hybrid.
  • Komodo Chicken — A cross between a komodo dragon and a chicken; can be consumed as food.
  • Komodo Rhino — Ferocious creature characterized by its versatility and ability to function over many different types of terrain; it is therefore useful as a cavalry mount, but is also used to make komodo sausages.
  • Meer Penguin — A cross between a meerkat and a penguin.
  • Mongoose Lizard — Mongoose and basilisk lizard cross used for transportation.
  • Puma Goat — A cross between a puma and a goat.
  • Tigerdillo — A hybrid between a tiger and an armadillo; known for its roar and defensive nature.
  • Tiger Monkey — Hybrid of a tiger and a monkey.

Universal Creatures[edit]

  • Lion Turtle — the origin of all bending powers, Lion turtles are the oldest living creatures, originating from the earliest days life and continuing to live to the current day.

Other Creatures[edit]

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