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D&D Wiki is pretty accepting of the fact that everyone here is participating in a fandom. We are a homebrew-focused community, so technically everything we make is a derivative work of Dungeons & Dragons. D&D itself was originally born as a derivative work of the tabletop wargame Chainmail! So, all of that being the case, it is not surprising that this wiki is home to hundreds of fan-works, representing peoples' favorite things in books, television, movies, anime, comics, videogames, and who-knows-what-else! To identify these things as derivative works, and protect them from unjustified copyright infringement claims, we make use of the copyright disclaimer. It can be placed at the top of a page by pasting the following code.

{{Copyright Disclaimer|owner=<!--The name of the corporation which owns the copyrighted work your creation is derived from.-->|franchise=<!--The name of the overall product franchise the original work is a part of.-->}}


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