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Diseases Summary
Abyssal Flames Your soul is being consumed
Acid Plague A infection of sores that contain acid
Alkali Fever If the air smells of metal, run.
An Arsonist's Curse
Arachnomania And you thought the Drider was the most monstrous spider out there?
Assassin's Spit A common poison used to kill people from the distance of a blowgun.
Black Fly Filth Fever A disease spread by flies that causes the afflicted to slowly rot
Bleeding Swords don't just hurt you, silly! They make you BLEED!
Blowfat Syndrome Sickening disease that makes the afflicted bigger and fatter.
Cheese Touch A horrifying affliction that turns one into an outcast.
Coddrow You now have a sudden and unnatural fear of sharp objects.
Coping Mechanism: Shutdown
Creeping Oak Slowly turns you into a tree.
Dance Fever A sickness that causes those afflicted to dance uncontrollably
Dead Frog Disease This disease is a deadly disease only found in wet tombs or deep in sewers
Dire Diseases!
Dread Esqueleto A dangerous disease that turns the infected into living bone.
Flame Venom Avoid the Dragon's tooth.
Form Reconstruction A disease which causes infected to melt and spread the disease to others.
Glitched The channeling of ones Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ into another host.
Hanahaki Disease Please...I beg you...love me back...
Impassioned Perception Sense the emotions of others around you
Infected Heart A disease which spreads infection through heartbeats.
Infection As wounds begin to fester, death becomes ever-present.
Ironrot A disease that slowly turns one into a ferrous material
Ligma A rare disease often affecting Fortnite streamers.
Miners Plague Miners' Plague is a disease that comes from mushrooms from the Underdark or similar locations. The Miners' Plague slowly infects the host until it forms sacks of pollen on it, then taking over it's mind making the target explode in a populated area killing the host and spreading the Plague.
Morph Fever A disease coming across from overuse of polymorph or from other magic sources.
Necrotic Disease A death dog is deadly indeed; one bite is all they need.
Night Terrors
Night Terrors; Persistent Variety
Nyctodiafora You ain’t seen nothin’ yet, son!
Otug's Disease A disease which afflicts you with mindless, uncontrollable rage.
Plague of Thorns, Variant Grow spikes, lose your hands
Radiation Poisoning Sickness and afflictions caused by exposure to radiation.
Random Change
Rigor Vitalis A disease which causes bodily stiffness in the living.
Rotscale Flaky skin and an infection of the eyes can turn one into the stuff of nightmares.
Sailor's Strait You'll be dying, you'll be crying, early in the morning.
Scale Sickness/Dragon Lycanthropy This is much less awesome than it sounds, I promise.
Shivers Disease Shivers Disease is a common disease that makes the host sick with extreme vomiting,Heat sweats and Uncontrollable shivering. This disease spreads to other's through sweat.
Shrinking Sickness Spread by certain animals and plants to protect themselves.
Sigma Virus Tainted by the true viral form of Sigma, this behavioral disease turns Constructs violent and irrational, and in worse cases, into Sigma's puppets.
Silent Screams Nobody can hear your suffering if you can't even speak.
Sleeping Sickness
Snow Sickness The bane of travelers in the coldest regions.
Soot Skin A disease that slowly ravages your skin, gradually turning it to ash.
Spawn This will let you find your center.
Spore Rot
Stoneheart You feel your blood begin to thicken, and your body becomes hard to move...
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) A disorder that makes one's heart beat faster than normal.
The Plague A slow and painful death.
The Soups Have you ever had the displeasure of soup projecting out of both ends just because you got a little spooked?
Thief’s Burn
Transformational Plague You start transforming into other creatures you've touched.
Troll Thickening
Tunnel Vision “Wait, that isn’t 5e related?”
Useful Adventurer A disease causing creatures to become unnaturally (and painfully) useful.
Vile Polypore This disease of fungus debilitates its host and makes them a mindless automaton before ultimate death.
Walter's Syndrome A strange disease that makes you speak in a constantly angry tone.
Weaver's Fever A flu-like disease. Annoying, but not lethal... unless you're a wizard.
Werepyre Curse This is what happens when a victim gets bit by a werewolf and vampire, both.
Wonky Body The afflicted’s body changes randomly, and becomes extremely awkward and possibly debilitating.
Zombie Virus Get bit by a zombie, become a zombie

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Please leave the "(5e Curse)" identifier in the page title when creating your new curse!


For when you want something a little more supernatural, that your paladins can be afflicted with

Curses Summary
A Day in Seven Lives Turns you into a completely different person each day for seven days.
Bad Juju A curse that makes the "infected" clumsy and have bad luck.
Baneweaver Curse Something made mother nature mad. You should probably find out what.
Broken Halo A curse placed on a high priest or paladin for acting against their god's will.
Curse of Ill Entry A spike of pain shoots through you each time you pass through a doorway.
Curse of Immortality Your spirit remains forcefully bound to your body, confining it to never experience its place in the outer planes.
Curse of Incompetence Reduce your proficiency score!
Curse of the River Goddess A dehydrating curse created by a spiteful river goddess.
Curse of the Ultima This curse created the first werewolf that is not a lycanthrope. Because of this curse, you, and only your type can turn people with human blood running in their veins into your kind
Fiend Fever *not actually a fever
Greed’s Death, Variant Cough up gold! Could be fatal...
Nature's Rage May you engage in brutal combat
Project G.O.R.O. Go, Out Run, Oppress
Ragnarok Mark You are now virtual property of the gods upon your end
Sacrosanct Those who stand by the sword shall die by it.
Sinister Sleepwalking
Teleglow The matter in your body doesn't want to stay there, and the things that shouldn't be there suddenly are
The Adventuring Curse A curse designed to make Shawn Spellblade unstoppable. Not that he cared to be.
The Curse of Many Babies Disrespect kids, get the opposite back.
Trumpet's Bane Trumpets sound nice normally, right?
VIRUS The power to make a deity despair by sealing their power... That is VIRUS.
Witch's Curse Fly, my pretties! Fly!
Wooden Fingers Yes, your fingers turn into small, curly branches of a tree.

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