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Infected Heart[edit]

Contracting Infected Heart[edit]

Infected Heart is spread by undead, or necrotic magic. If a creatures blood comes in contact with undead flesh or necrotic magic, and they are not a warlock or other necrotic spellcaster, they must make a DC 15 Con save or be infected.


For the first 2D20 hours, nothing happens, as the disease begins to spread into their heart. After that, they begin to feel ill. Some random symptoms include minor vomiting, sweat, coughing blood, and a strange blood color. This continues for the rest of the disease. Every D4 D20 hours, the heart releases a pulse of necrotic energy through the blood stream. The infected gains a level of exhaustion, which can not be removed until the disease ends. Also, roll D4 times on the minor effects table, and once on the major effects table.

If the infected reaches 6 levels of exhaustion from this disease, they transform into a zombie.

Minor effects (D10)

1: The victim falls prone, and shakes violently. They cannot move for D4 minutes.

2: The victim vomits severely. They take D20 acid damage, and fall prone.

3: The victims flesh splits open, releasing dark fluid. They take D8 piercing damage. The fluid will infect others.

4: The victims openings release fluid. Eyes drip tears, nose runs, and cuts bleed. Also, the bladder and bowels empty.

5: The victim violently releases blood from all openings. They take D20 necrotic damage.

6: The victim is poisoned for D20 minutes.

7: The victims bones lock up. They take D12 bludgeoning damage. They have disadvantage on DEX checks for D20 minutes.

8: The victims bones give out. They automatically fail on any STR checks, and they cannot walk for D12 minutes.

9: The victim has a seizure. This last D8 minutes.

10: Roll twice, ignoring further rolls of 10.

Major effects (D8) and all effects last until the disease ends.

1: The victim shrinks a size level.

2: The victim mutates into a random animal. They become partially like it.

3: The victims flesh tears away. They take 2D20 slashing damage, and attackers have advantage against it.

4: The victims flesh rots. They fail any Charisma checks, and have -5 to walking speed.

5: The victim begins to vomit violently near constantly. They are unable to do anything for D4 hours, and will kill themselves from dehydration if not hydrated. After this, they vomit severely every hour, cancelling 1 turn.

6: The victim gains cholera or dysentery, your choice.

7: The victims blood dries up. They take 4D12 necrotic damage, and can not regain hit points.

8: The victim gains D4 more minor effects.


Every time they have a necrotic pulse, they can make a check after D4 hours. It is a DC 15 Con. If they succeed, they gain one success. Also, they can make a check every time any healing magic is used on them. After 3 successes, the disease begins to level out. The pulses slow half down, and after the next one, they stop. Major effects turn around, and begin to heal. They grow back slowly, enter remission of diseases, heal any injuries, and mutate back to normal slowly over the course of D4 days.

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