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Night Terrors[edit]

Contracting Night Terrors[edit]

On suffering an event that you or the DM would consider heavily traumatic for the player character, roll a D8, this will determine how many long rests the disease will persist.


Nightmares: When you and your party take a long rest, roll a D20, on 15 or higher you awaken half way through the rest. At this point you must roll a percentile, on 75 or higher you cannot fall back asleep and must treat the long rest as a short rest. Whether the night terrors effect you or not still counts towards the long rests meaning that you could have them and never once be affected. During the last 4 hours of your rest you can do actions such as hunting, reading, or staying on watch, but you cannot fall back asleep; the nightmare weighing heavily on your mind will cause perception checks to be rolled at disadvantage for those 4 hours.


Night Terrors can be counteracted, but must run its course to be fully cured. on a successful perception check of 15 or higher, a party member can hear you wake up and see that you're in distress. They may then, if they feel like it, attempt to help you back to sleep. the member must roll a persuasion or performance check against your own deception check, or cast a spell such as sleep on you to allow you to fall back asleep and gain a full rest. should a spell like sleep or calm emotions (dm digression on other similar spell) be cast in this situation ignore rules for the spell, it succeeds immediately from the lowest level spell slot possible. This spell slot is expended from the caster's slots for the next day. When the disease has run its course of 1 D8 long rests, you will be entirely cured of it.

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