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Creatures with foulmonella suffer from a constant epidermal secretion of encumberingly slippery, oily and malodorous mucus, colloquially referred to as "the fish sweat," rapidly dehydrating as their bodily fluids are expelled in the copious ooze. This process is accompanied by increasing fatigue and loss of motivation or any strong emotion, hosts desiring little more than to eat, sleep, and wallow in the same conditions favored by the foulmonella.
A creature can only contract this disease by being infected by a foulmonella. Symptoms begin appearing 2d12 hours after infection; the infected creature has a -3 penalty to Dexterity checks made to determine initiative, and disadvantage on Charisma checks made to act socially with and Dexterity (Stealth) checks to hide from creatures with a sense of smell. At the end of each long rest, an infected creature must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the character gains one level of exhaustion. On a successful save, the character's exhaustion level decreases by one level.
Whenever the infected creature gains a level of exhaustion due to this disease, and shortly after the host dies, a high concentration of foulmonella cells are discharged into the secreted slime; these assemble into 1d2 foulmonella macroforms after an hour. These foulmonella have the memories and personality of the original that infected the creature, and are unable to enter their microform to use their Infection for 3d4 weeks.

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